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Ok, so maybe the Kindle Fire isn’t technically a beauty product, but I’ve certainly fallen in love with mine! I bought it primarily for reading my favorite beauty blogs in bed, as I wanted something smaller than my laptop.

There are several other features that the Kindle Fire has that I adore about it:

Amazon Prime
Sure, I get the first month free. Now that it has streaming content  available with it, I’ll be paying that yearly membership. I’ll also reap the benefits of the free two day shipping since I order from Amazon quite a bit. Oh, there’s also a Netflix and Hulu app, if you have accounts with either of those services :)

Visualization of my Kindle Library
I love that I can finally see all the covers in color of my kindle account library! If I see something I want to read, it’s easy enough to click it and download it onto my Fire over the wireless network in my home. Though to really make this “perfect” for me, I’d like to be able to further organize by subcategory series within the author category.

While I do primarily still use my Kindle2 as my eReader of choice, I really like reading on the Fire. The page turning is really easy. I do feel the white page with black text is a bit hard on the eyes, so it would be nice to be able to turn that down a bit.

Amazon Cloud Music
I’ve got just about all of my music (mp3s purchased from Amazon, as well as my cds) on my Amazon Cloud Music Storage. It’s really easy for me to flip through my music collection and access it via the Fire. The speakers aren’t great, but I did pick up a comfortable headset.

It really is nice for watching tv, movies or Youtube in bed if I’m curled up by myself. The image quality is good and the colors are bright.

I like the size! It’s smaller than my Kindle 2. It’s comfortable to hold and read. It’s comfortable to toss in my purse and go. I really like that a lot!

Magenta Safari case left, Pink Marware case right

Of course, you can get lots of cute cases for it. I originally got the Marware jurni Kindle Fire case in Pink. I also picked up the splash Safari slim stand/case in Magenta/Pink. The safari is meant more for the sideways viewing of blogs, movies, tv, etc. The jurni case is meant more for reading. However, I find myself preferring the jurni case over the safari, though both are nice. I also picked up styluses to use with the Fire, as I thought that would make it easier for me to tap the screen and not get fingerprints all over it.

The Magenta Safari stand case.

The pretty Marware case.

The Marware case and my stylus.

As far as reading blogs go on it, it’s perfect for me! I use BlogLovin’ via the web interface to read blogs, though they do have an Android app from the Android Marketplace that I have on my cell phone.

I know people inevitably compare it to the ipad. My BFF has an ipad and really loves it. I’ve played with hers several times. I feel like they’re really two different devices. I don’t think the Kindle Fire is trying to be the ipad. The Fire doesn’t have a camera or a microphone, but for my purposes, that’s absolutely fine. The only thing I could think of a camera being useful on it would be for reading QR codes. However, that’s merely my personal opinion. I balked at purchasing an ipad, mostly due to the size and the price. I debated between the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, but after looking at them both in person, I decided to go with the Fire, and I’m very glad I did. For me, it was the perfect choice. The $199 price point meant no hesitation for me, unlike the $500 plus for an ipad.

What do you think of eReaders and tablets? Are you intrigued at all by the Kindle Fire? I know I love mine!

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