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Today’s Beauty Blog Advent Calendar is focused on a few cream shadows: Evil Shades Padawan, Benefit Tidal Rave, Benefit Birthday Suit, Benefit Pot O’ Gold and a Shiseido shadow that I think is called Whitelights. (Whitelights was a gift from a friend). I hadn’t worn any cream shadows for a while until I picked up Padawan and fell in love again! It prompted me to pick up some of the Benefit shades. I tried out the Benefit cream shadows a few years ago and had forgotten how nice they were in terms of texture and wear. It also prompted me to dig out the Shiseido shadow and play with it. So I’ve turned these colors into centerfolds for you.

Benefit: Tidal Rave, Pot o’ Gold, Birthday Suit
Row 1 = Tidal Rave – Birthday Suit – Pot O’ Gold – Shiseido Whitelights
Row 2 = Evil Shades Padawan

Shade Descriptions:
Tidal Rave – muted teal with gold shimmer
Birthday Suit – brushed chrome
Pot O’ Gold – pale gold
Whitelights – sheer shimmery silvery white
Padawan – palest nude with an ethereal violet shift and silver shimmer

Padawan is so pretty <3. I really like Tidal Rave and you'll see me wearing it soon. Pot O' Gold is nice. Birthday suit I like, but the color description is weird. I don't see it as chrome, but it's sort of hard to describe. It reminds me of maybe a fawn or light brown base with subtle white-gold shimmer, which gives an eye brightening effect. What do you think of these cream shadows? Which one is your favorite? Which would you wear? Products purchased by me, except for the Shiseido shadow, which was a gift by a friend. All opinions are my own.