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tarte LipSurgence Lip Tints – Review

I really love the tarte Lipsurgence lip tints. Normally I don’t go for natural looking lippies, but these have somehow won me over. I’m not sure exactly how, as I don’t tend to like lip stains. I have an awful habit of biting my lips, so I often avoid lip stains. However, these don’t emphasize my lips (bitten or not) in a negative fashion. The colors stick around, likely because I’ve got mostly the matte shades. […]

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Peach Gelato

I used to go to a great italian restaurant (Tuscany in Oakbrook) when I was in Chicago and they had the best peach gelato that I’ve ever tasted. They’d make it and serve it inside a frozen peach. Yum. I guess I’m thinking about gelato because it’s been cold here in Tampa! When I say cold, it’s been 45 or so on my drive to work. That’s cold for me! That’s one of the many reasons I moved to Tampa. Anyway, this is probably the best I’ve been able to get Peach Fuzz to look in a look. I really like the effect, however I think Sexpresso looks almost too green or something, and it’s a matte brown. Not sure why it would pull that way, but it looks odd. I need to try this color again with a different crease shade. Also, I love the Too Faced Perfect Black Orchid liner I used, as well as its placement. You can see the glimmer of purple in it. […]

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Lit from Within

The products used in this look all have one thing in common to me… they have a lit from within glow about them. The eye shadow I used in this look is TheBalm’s Jet-Setting Jennifer, which is a pale gold that I think really glows. Evil Shades Heartstopper is a metallic hot pink, which I love. MAC Trace Gold blush gives me a bit of a healthy glow to my cheeks. […]

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Honeyed Absinthe

I wore this look one day last week and really liked it, though I can see several things I’d change about it if I did it again. One, I’d blend the outer crease more. two, I’d put a different shade, perhaps a deeper green like Fyrinnae Dragon’s Wing at the outer corner of the lid and outer v area, just to sort of transition better between Sugarpill Absinthe and Meow Santa Honey. I really love how Evil Shades Power Up looks on the lips! Also, TheBalm’s Hot Mama is a nice blush shade for me, I think. […]

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Peach and Burgundy Look

I wore this look on Friday, but it didn’t photograph well at all. I’ve done something similar in the past, though I think the older look turned out better. I used Too Faced Peach Fuzz on the lid and then I layered a bit of Meow’s Aurora Australius on it. […]

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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I definitely did. I had multiple celebrations with friends and family, on multiple days. But this is what I wore on Christmas Day itself. I even included a shot of my outfit :) Care to share what you got for Christmas? Ray and Dave bought me a Canon Rebel eos t31 600d. I get to learn about the wonderful world of DSLR cameras! The neat part about this camera is that it has a screen that flips around so I can look at myself in the display when taking a picture. […]

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Shielo Strengthening Shampoo & Reflecting Conditioner – Review

A while back I had the opportunity to try out Shielo’s color protect line. I tried their Strengthening shampoo, Reflecting conditioner and their Leave-in heat protectant (which will be reviewed separately. This is a cruelty free, sulfate free line, which I really like. […]

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