Describe an heirloom that has been handed down for generations in your family.

The only thing that I can think of is my great grandmother’s blankets that she crocheted. The primary color of the blanket is black, but it has bright petals of pink, yellow and blue. She also made a light pink blanket. My grandmother still has these blankets. Those are really the only things that I can think of.

My great grandmother and her husband were farmers, so my grandmother and her siblings were raised on a farm. I think my grandmother had 10 siblings, but not all lived to adulthood. I believe one of her sisters died from whooping cough, possibly two of them. I know there’s only a drawing of my grandmother’s youngest sister, as they didn’t have pictures of her, and in the drawing, she and I looked almost identical when I was 12.

My grandmother is still alive and in good health, and for that I am grateful every day. I love her very much. I even lived with her for several years. I’m just glad she emails with me :)