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Hi everyone!

My name is Sophie and I hail from Ethereal Beauty. My blog has been in existence since early 2011 and is a jumble of a few misc things, but mostly EOTD’s and the odd beauty product review or haul.

I’m a 25 year old who lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia, with my fiance and cat. I’m a bit of pedantic person, a person who has to group things by colour and in rainbow order. I have phobia of giant flowers, and an intense dislike for mushrooms because they look weird and creepy. I don’t trust people easily, yet I always like to think the best of others. I’m a positive thinker who hates drama and confrontation. I have a super silly sense of humor, I goof around heaps and generally always like to have a good time. I used to work in a balloon shop, which is totally neat because I can make balloon columns, arches, exploders, balloon bouquets and all sorts of stuff. I also know if you’re blowing up balloons incorrectly – and yes, there is a way to tell. Hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

I enjoy playing video games; I mostly play World of Warcraft (omg pandas!) – it’s been my gamer vice for the last 3 and a half years. I also recently discovered Angry Birds, which I’m in love with. One of my favourite ways of relaxing is to read in bed on a rainy morning, and the best feeling in life is jumping into bed with clean sheets after a hot shower (I seriously love it, if changing and washing sheets weren’t such a chore I might do it every day!). My top 5 authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Ian Irvine and Richard Laymon. Ian Irvine has written an epic saga called Three Worlds, and if you enjoy fantasy I really couldn’t recommened it to you enough. Although I read a variety of genres, I usually have horror, sci-fi and fantasy as my favs. I listen to metal, almost every sub genre, although I tend to favour black, death and old school rock.

I have always been wildly addicted to colour. For some reason my parents were crazy enough to let me paint my bedroom the colours I wanted when I was a teenager. Totally normal, right? I had a scarlet red ceiling, a lime wall, a magenta wall, a hot orange wall and an electric blue wall. All the skirtings were lemon yellow. It was unbelievably awesome and an unbelievable assault on the eyes. Since then I’ve matured and changed in many ways, but my love of colour hasn’t dimished one bit. I paint my walls less volatile colours, but I then again I get my colour thrills from cosmetics, so I have no need to paint my walls multicolours.

Before 2011 I never even knew there was a beauty blogging community. I didn’t even know what eye shadow primer was! I used drugstore makeup and those awful sponge tip applicators, and thought that was all there was to it. And man, you should of seen my eyebrows. I didn’t even know people trimmed those fluffly things, I don’t know what I put slick eyebrows down to – good genes?

My fall into makeup-madness began when I watched my first makeup tutorial on Youtube, it was for rainbow eyes by Xsparkage. That started me on the path to many great things, but also many a lesson learnt. Becoming part of the beauty blogging community has taught me to always take a second (an extremely thorough) look before buying anything from a company that was new (to me). I can’t stress this enough, because finding out I’d wasted money on repackaging was one of the biggest disappointments I’ve had so far on my cosmetic journey through life. And it also told me to research. Don’t trust one person’s opinion, because they might not have all the facts.

On the upside, I’ve also discovered many fabulous and talented indie brands which led me to my future career, the fact that people can make their own cosmetics. And not only is it incredibly fun and rewarding, but also sates my appetite for duochromes and colour explosions. My favourite indie brand is probably Persephone Minerals, because of the colour complexity and depth of many of her shades. Sugarpill provides my go-to highlight (Tako) and I adore Inglot for their pigments and shadow softness – they’re like butter! I don’t buy MAC stuff much anymore, an eye shadow from them is about $35 bucks a pop here in Aus. It’s a ridiculous rip off, one that irritates me beyond measure. AND I actually prefer the Aromaleigh eyeshadow primer over Urban Decay Primer Potion – zomg noooo someone doesn’t love UDPP! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha!

My favourite thing from beauty blogging is definitely reading other people’s reviews. I like reading people’s opinions about products, I love looking at swatches and hunting new shades or brands to try out (when I have the money to, that is!).

The beauty blogging community opened my eyes to just how much raw artistic talent there is out there and how much they have to offer; and how many supportive and wonderful people there are. People who don’t hesitate to provide help, support, a kind word, constructive feedback, or to give their prayers when needed. This year has been a life changing one. I’ve had many horrible things happen, but also many positive things aswell. I’ve had many people, pretty much complete strangers, who have approached me through my blog and helped me on my way. That unending support and compassion is something I’m thankful for, indefinitely.

Thank you for having me on your blog Phyrra, and thank you to everyone for reading. I hope you’ll stop by Ethereal Beauty sometime and say ‘hi’ :)