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Hi all! My name is Christa! I am the author of Play Hard Look Fabulous. I started my blog in January and really didn’t think I would still be doing it, but almost a year later its going strong and I love it! I have always loved makeup but really got into it a little over a year ago and I have learned so much! My blog mainly consists of reviews and different EOTD. My favorite post are the Final Fantasy Collab with Vijaya! I love doing collabs because it really tests my limit. Most of the looks you will see are bright and me!


I’m 27 about to be 28 on the 28th and I am a Jersey chic! I have lived in NJ my whole life and really don’t plan on leaving. I am also a basketball coach for my towns rec league. I have been coaching for 4 years now for 9-12 year old boys. I also played basketball for like 10 years when I was younger. I have 2 cats Leo and Trinity and I swear they both make up my personality. Leo is sweet and loves everyone and Trinity can be very nasty and anti -social  HAHA. I love tattoos and have tons of them.. I am hoping to have both arms done in a couple years.. I have my left arm in a half sleeve so far.


I don’t have much family that I talk to but my friends are my family. I love to go out partying or to the bar. I can be a bit of a wild chic. The family I do talk to is my dad and little brother. On my down time , besides blogging , I am a big movie buff. I love movies and watch like at least 1 a day. I prefer horror flicks but like drama and comedies too, but into old time movies which is a secret that has now been let out.. favorite movie of all time is Gone with the Wind which reminds me of my Mom who passed away in 1996. As far as TV I am very set in my shows and tend not to venture off to something else. Favorite show would have to be Sons of Anarchy! Music of choice is Heavy Metal/ Death Metal/Black Metal.. Favorite band by far is Pantera!


I am a girly girl/ tom boy .. I have to have makeup done and nail are done every 2 weeks.. I have very long blonde hair with black tip but I am a tank top and jeans type of chic… I get dressed up only to go to the club!


I am thankful for people I have in my life! They mean the world to me. I am also thankful that my brother will be coming home soon from the Army.. I miss him so much. Also that my dad’s health is stable.. he has been through so much in the past few years and finally he is able to live a bit!


Thanks Phyrra for the opportunity to do this!! It was fun!!