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When I saw that Andrea of Evil Shades had created a Spectrum Pot called Padawan, specifically made for pale girls, I had to have it!

Row 1 Padawan – toxid lotus – mudkip
Row 2 Corruption – Eplefe – Morgana
Row 3 Curiousity

Row 1 Padawan – toxid lotus – mudkip
Row 2 Corruption – Eplefe – Morgana
Row 3 Curiousity

Shade Descriptions:
Padawan – Palest nude with an ethereal violet shift and silver shimmer.
This was made for my “clear” friends, those who are the fairest of the fair.
Toxid Lotus – hot pink with a near violet sheen (my description, not the official one)(Inspired by the lovely blogger of the same name)
Mudkip – Fun blue green almost teal with a sneaky violet shifting base. This is a playful color that when rubbed down the violet shift in the base comes out and looks like a soft lilac with blue-green shimmer and scattered pink sparkle but patted on over a base or primer you’ll get the blue -green with the violet peeking out from behind in certain light. (Inspired by Andrea’s best friend)
Morgana – Black as night with an eruption of in your face beautiful fuchsia sparkle. (inspired by Melissa of Morgana)
Eplefe – a sweet violet with a slightly blackened base a soft teal shift and green shimmer. Think of a violet stormy sunset over a rain soaked prairie. (Inspired by the rawr fierce Eplefe)
Corruption – deep purple with aqua sparkle
Curiosity – warm pink with a golden shift and blue to purple shimmer

Padawan on my eye with only a bit of grey liner by Too Faced Perfect Storm. I LOVE Padawan! So happy I bought it and the other colors I snagged. Morgana, Toxid Lotus, Eplefe and Mudkip are a lot of fun! I also like Curiosity!

What do you think of Padawan? What about the other eye shadow shades?

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