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Shiro Cosmetics has released a new collection called Death Note. It’s inspired by the manga/anime of the same name. That anime has been on my ‘to watch’ list for over a year! It’s supposed to be amazing and everyone at my old office raved about it.

Shade Descriptions:
Heaven Nor Hell – Velvety, shimmery gunmetal gray. Lip-safe!
More Sugar – Creamy shimmer in a rich coffee base. Lip-safe!
Shinigami – Dark royal purple with silver sparks. Lip-safe!
Task Force – Shimmery deep burgundy. Not lip-safe.
Heart Attack – Deep maroon with blue duochrome. Lip-safe!
Second Kira – Charcoal with bright golden sparks. Lip-safe!
Detective – Taupe with strong blue duochrome. Lip-safe!
Mistrust – Dirty orange-brown with silver sparks. Lip-safe!
Divine Justice – Tan-brown with strong golden shimmer. Lip-safe!
Perfect World – Pure (not yellow-leaning) and slightly metallic gold. Lip-safe!

I’ve got my eye on Heaven Nor Hell, Heart Attack, Detective, Perfect World and Shinigami.

Have you heard of Death Note? Do any of these colors interest you?