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Aromaleigh V2.0 has released their first collection, the Fall Tapestry. The colors appear to be inspired by the fall runway.

You can see each color matched up with their inspiration below. I’ve also included the shade descriptions.

Set 1

alexis: a medium neutral blue with a grey undertone with sparkles of green and silver.
carolina: green and blue shimmer in a plush low-sheen chocolately bordeaux base.
alberta: soft cinnamon sheen with sparkles of pink and gold.
alice: borealis shimmer gleams from a medium cocoa taupe frost base with a greyed undertone.

miuccia: a plush low-sheen pale creamy fawn shade with very fine highlight sheen of blue, gold and green.
celine: an ethereal warm rosy copper with pink highlight sheen.
elie: a plush low sheen warm denim blue base with fine highlight shimmer of gold, pink and copper.
grazia: a plush warm greenish taupe with fine highlight shimmer of green, teal and blue.

nina: a coral-toned clear pink with bright sparks of gold.
marni: a lustrous metallic deep green sheen with greyed undertone and fine violet highlight shimmer
donna: a rich warm chestnut brown with russet undertones and highlight sparkles of teal and pink.
vera: a medium warm taupe frost with sparkles of pink and green.

tracy: a plush low sheen heathered cocoa base with fine highlight shimmer of green and gold.
betsey: a warm gold frost with sparks of copper shimmer.
rebecca: a lush deep copper metallic sheen with sparks of gold.
sonia: a heathered blue violet soft frost with a prism of highlight sparkles.

Here are hand swatches from the Aromaleigh site:

Alice, Vera, Donna, Elie, Grazia and Betsey all have my attention.