Halloween in Australia with Jerry

I’m SilhouetteScreams, but you can call me Jerry. I’m a 21 year old uni student from the Gold Coast in Australia, and I enjoy rolling around in sparkles when I’m not busy riding my pet kangaroo or shepherding my flock of angry drop bears. ;] I’m also a massive nerd for Greek mythology, horror films, Mahjong and sci-fi television. We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia, much to my dismay. I’d love to try my hand at carving a pumpkin, visit a haunted corn maze and drink my weight in cider, but it’s too hot to eat pumpkin, you’d have to travel for a couple of hours to even find a corn field, and you’d be met with confused stares if you were to ask for cider at your local establishment! Halloween is just used like every other holiday in Australia: an excuse for a piss-up (house party), but with slutty costumes. Some stores do stock small displays of Halloween costumes for children, so we might get a handful of trick or treaters too. It’s so rare though, I never know what to say! I tend to just throw candy at the children, shut the door and quickly retreat to my bat cave to continue watching the scheduled Freddy Krueger marathon. Eeep, I curled my lashes a bit weird! You could always use falsies and not look like a lashless boy :) […]