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This Month’s Independent Spotlight is with Distorria and Detrivore Cosmetics!

Detrivores are creatures who eat detritus which is decomposing rotting organic matter. Detrivores are also known as detritivores. Animals like millipedes, flies, beetles, crustaceans, and polychaete worms are considered detrivores.

How long have you loved makeup?
I became interested in makeup in my late teens. I was a tomboy as a
kid, much more interested in plants and animals than beauty or
fashion. I didn’t get into makeup until I was interested in goth
culture. Then I just saw it as a fun way to modify my appearance. I
enjoy dramatically changing the way I look frequently.

I had different ideals about beauty at a young age. I loved the
villains in films more than the heros as a child and wanted to imitate
them. They had the cool makeup and clothes. I found out about goth
culture around sixteen years old and starting dressing in black then.
Goth culture allowed me to feel pretty for the first time. I bought my
first eyeliner and smeared it on and fell in love.

What made you decide to make your own?
I felt dissatisfied about the makeup I bought. So much of it looked
great in the packaging but went on sheer. I wanted dramatic intense
shades but couldn’t afford good stuff. I found out about indie mineral
makeup through a friend. I bought some and loved it. I saw so many
people starting up companies, and knew I needed to as well. So I did a
ton of research and experiments and started Detrivore with only
thirteen shades and a hundred dollars in supplies.

How did you come up with the name Detrivore?
I’ve always been a fan of the macabre and wanted a name that reflected
that. I wanted something pretty, elegant, but vaguely sinister as
well. Animals have always been a huge part of my life, and I wanted a
name that showed that too. So I hunted around and found detrivore.
Detrivore is a version of the word detritivore, which are animals that
obtain nutrients by consuming detritus (decomposing organic matter).
It is vaguely gross but interesting to me. It appealed different
levels, so it stuck.

What influences your nomenclature for your shades?
Literature, films, biology, and music mostly. I like names that invoke
images in my head. Art is a very important part of my life.

How many hours a day do you work? Days a week?
I spend a few hours a day packing orders every day. I spend much more
time planning, researching, and developing new products. I’m disabled
so I can’t work long hours or I end up getting very sick.

What is your favorite product to create?
Eye shadows. I’ve made thousands of them over the years. I love
playing with color, and the possibilities are endless.

What prompted you to create your own primer?
I found that even the best eye shadow won’t adhere as well with
primer. I found that I liked the wax and oil blends the most. They
were simple but effective.

What’s your least favorite product to create?
Foundations and lip products. Foundation is just so incredibly boring.
I love lipstick and lip balm, but I dislike using wax to formulate.
It’s just so messy and I’m so clumsy I burn myself.

What are your favorite colors to wear?
I prefer grays, purples, and teal shades.

What are your favorite colors that you’ve created?
I love colors that have a black base, so colors like Livor Mortis,
Sacred, and Abnormal are some of my favorites.

What is your absolute favorite eye shadow color ever?
Probably Beetle or Cremains. They were the first colors I really loved
when I made them. I always wanted a rich black eye shadow with a ton
of shimmer. I bought most of the versions available in malls, but I
wasn’t happy with them. I so happy that I could finally make the
colors that I really wanted to wear.

What are your favorite lip colors?
It should come as no surprise that I love dark lip colors. Dark reds
and purples are the only shades I buy.

What are your favorite blushes?
I don’t wear blush. I feel quite silly in it and it looks very odd
against my pale skin.

What is your favorite beauty trend?
I don’t pay attention to trends. I find popular culture rather boring.

Do you have a signature scent?
I love the smell of cloves and vanilla. Usually I’ll smell of some
blend I made using those two.

Do you have a trademark look or trademark colors?
I wear messy heavily applied eyeliner. It looks very silly but I enjoy it.

What do you prefer to look at for inspiration when you’re in the mood
to create something new?

When I’m in a bit of a rut, I take a walk. The world is filled with so
many beautiful colors so it’s hard not to be inspired.

What’s your favorite way to accessorize?
I mostly wear silly silver necklaces with skulls on them.

What colors have you dyed your hair?
I’ve pretty much had my hair every color possible. I love bleaching
and dyeing my hair. I usually have black hair with blonde chunks in
the front. Those streaks have some bright neon dye on them. Right now,
I’m fond of diluted purples to give a strange lavender shade.

Can you tell us about any upcoming collections?
I’m usually working on a million things at once. I have maybe ten new
blushes that need to be released. I’m finishing up the flavored lip
balms I’ve been working on all year. I’ve decided to call those
Embalming Tubes. I hope to have those out by November. I’m also
creating a large eye shadow collection that will also come out in

Do you play any video games?
I don’t own a console system, but I love to play app games on my iPod
Touch. I love games that involve strategy or RPGs. My favorite games
are The Settlers, Inotia 2 and 3, Pocket Legends, and The Battle for

What are your favorite authors or books to read?
Stephen King will always be my hero. I’ve read all of his books at
least thirty times each. I mostly just read horror and fantasy genre
fiction, some biographies. I love curling up with a book and exploring
a new world. I love Jack Ketchum, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, Terry
Goodkind, Augusten Burroughs, Laurell K. Hamilton, Vladimir Nabokov,
and Poppy Z. Brite.

What are your favorite tv shows?
I don’t usually have cable tv because the sound of commercials drives
me up a wall, so I only watch shows after they are out on dvd. I like
Battlestar Galactica, Deadwood, Big Bang Theory, Rome, True Blood, and

What colors do you like to decorate with in your home?
I recently moved across the country so a lot of my stuff is still in
boxes and I still haven’t organized it all. I like to have a bit of a
haunted museum atmosphere with weird stuff everywhere. I have a lot of
cheap halloween stuff I use to decorate with. I love taxidermy, so I
have specimens of those around too.

What do you do to relax? How do you pamper yourself?
A good night for me is one spend with my friends eating expensive
cheese and sipping mixed drinks while watching some gory foreign film.
I love watching bizarre Japanese horror films. They make some of the
most interesting and twisted films.

What’s on your iPod or Pandora Station?
Right now, I have Collide, Tori Amos, Tapping the Vein, Pj Harvey,
Tanya Donelly, Star Pimp, I:Scintilla, and Babes in Toyland on my
ipod. I tend to mostly listen to music from the nineties.

Can you tell us something about yourself that might surprise your fans?
Some people people might be surprised by the fact that I make music. I
write and record experimental noise records. I love making music, but
I’ve lost any passion I had for releasing it. The music industry is
very harsh, and I just couldn’t take any more of it. So I still make
music, I just make it for my own amusement now.

Thank you so much!