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Silk Naturals Scout

It’s no secret I love Silk Naturals Scout. Last Tuesday I decided to make it the central color for my look. It’s so luxe! It’s a deep, shimmering copper with glints of gold and it resembles Urban Decay’s Smog. It’s certainly a winning eye shadow shade! […]

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  • dstore_amethystablaze

Recent Acquisitions

This past weekend I picked up a few things from Ulta and Walgreens, so I wanted to swatch them for you. I also included Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze, since it’s so gorgeous. I found some new eye shadows from Revlon, which are the first eye shadows I’ve purchased by them in quite a while. […]

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  • aztec_eye

Ulta Aztec Gold

This was a quick, easy look I threw together one morning last week for work. I like golds, and Aztec Gold (I always want to spell it Aztek) is a nice, basic gold shade. Bare Back makes for a good matte crease. I really like Spell Halo for a highlighter. What’s your favorite gold highlighter? I think Spell Halo is really up there for me. […]

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