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Recently I tracked down and purchased the Holika Holika Essential Petit BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ because I’d heard it might possibly be pale enough for me. BB creams are also known as blemish balm. They come in a variety of formulas. The specific formula I purchased is the orange label Essential, which is supposed to nourish the skin. BB creams can function as sun block, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, anti-wrinkle, brightening and some even claim to work as a primer, too.

The Website Claims:
Triple functional BB cream. Rich nutrients and good adhesion. Caviar and collagen ingredients help to make elastic skin and supply rich nutrients to skin. Adenosine, that helps to improve wrinkles and Niacinamide, that helps to improve dull skin tone with whitening effect, make elastic and fresh skin by taking care of tired and non-elastic skin condition. Marine collagen has high harmonizing effect as natural proteins extracted from marine fish’s skin that has rich natural amino-acid. Collagen fiber of marine collagen is quickly absorbed and is not mixed with other fat. Marine collagen only includes beta-chitin. Caviar contains omega 3, vitamins a, d, b, rich proteins and rich phospholipids. Caviar totally supplies rich ingredients and vitalize your skin and is highly effective in skin reconstruction.

$9.99 for 30 ml.
I purchased it from bello-girl on ebay in the shade Light Beige.

BB Cream with Porcelain on top.

Does it live up to its claims?
I think it lives up to some of its claims and it also does a lot of things that it never really mentioned, too. I think it is healthy for my skin and I haven’t broken out or been irritated by the product at all. I can’t speak to the whitening effect, as I’m not looking for a whitener and I don’t think it’s made me paler. It really is a great multi-function product! First, it works as an SPF, providing sunscreen protection for the face. Next, it works as a moisturizer and skin food, nourishing the skin. Then, it works as a concealer, as it seems to mask imperfections in the skin. It also works as a foundation, evening out skintone, hiding redness and smoothing out my face. I seem to be reaching for this more than anything else in the morning when I’m getting ready for work because it’s so easy and it does so many things. I really feel my skin is looking fantastic lately.

BB cream with Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder in clear.

Additionally, it’s a really good match for my skintone. When I’d tried BB creams in the past, they’d been too dark for my skintone. This one is not. That is why I tracked down this BB cream to try out, and I’m glad I did!

In the sunlight, just the BB cream.

How do you wear it?
I usually wear it by smoothing it on my face and eyes and blending downwards to my neck. I sometimes, but not always, apply Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution finishing powder on top of it to set it. I’ve also used Laura Geller’s Balance-n-brighten foundation in Porcelain, NARS sPF 12 Powder foundation, and Meow’s Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese to set it.

In the shade.

I’ve also worn it by putting my LaVanila Healthy Face SPF 40 moisturizer underneath it, which I’ve been told gives me a lovely glow.

I tend to prefer to set it with a bit of powder, since I’ve got a bit of an oily t-zone, but I’ve worn it without too.

Just the BB cream.

Would I purchase again?
Yes! I already have again, actually. This bb cream just makes things so simple and fast for my morning routine, which really helps since I’m getting up so early these days! Additionally, the price is amazing for all the multi-tasking this product does. I really feel that it does five things for me: SPF, moisturizer, skin food, concealer and foundation. Finally, it’s a good match for my skintone.

Just the BB cream.

What do you think of Holika Holika? Have you tried any of their products? What’s your favorite BB cream?

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.