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Razored Cut

I got my hair cut this afternoon by my lovely stylist, Lori, at Cameo Spa. I told her I wanted more movement with my hair, but otherwise I liked the long pieces framing my face. She experimented with a deep part, and we were on our way. Instead of cutting it wet as usual, she did a dry cut because she did a razor cut. She took sections of my hair on top, twisted it, and then razored it to achieve my style. She cut out a bit around my right ear to let my piercings show, and left it long on the opposite side. She also point cut around the back. […]

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  • green_diagram

Green Mix Look

After my failed blue look, I decided to mix up my own green shade for this look. I took OMGWTF since it’s a gorgeous chartreuse with a velvety texture, added in Switch (a lime green with aqua shimmer) and Dressed to Kill (a dirty olive green and gold) and We’re All Mad Here (sparkling chartreuse) and Greenhell (matte grass green). I love how the shade turned out. […]

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Failed Blue

This was a failed experiment. I couldn’t get the upper crease color to look right, so I gave up on it before I finished it. I probably should have tried Hocus Pocus in the upper crease, or some sort of dirty grey taupe type shade. Regardless, I LOVED how the lid turned out. Go Go Sugarpill Afterparty. I don’t have on any foundation, or anything but the eye shadow in these shots. […]

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