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Venomous Cosmetics has released a new collection called My Fairytale. I’ve got swatches of some of the shades for you. I have samples of all the lip poison shades, and the loose powder shades swatched, but none of the pressed shades yet.

Shade Descriptions
Don’t Eat the Apple – matte red
Wicked, Wicked Witch – plumm purple/blue sheen
If the Glass Slipper Fits – white with pink iridescence
The Rescue – golden orange
Royal Kindom – sparkly chartreuse
The Most Beautiful Princess – medium pink shimmer (reminds me of Sugarpill Birthday Girl)
Fairy Godmother – sea green with pink sparkle
Locked in a Tower – medium orange/yellow
Prince Charming – vibrant blue shimmer
Spell-breakin Kiss – purple with pink sparkle
Enchanted Forest – deep green with teal sparkle

Pressed Shade Descriptions:
Under A Spell – limey green with white/gold/teal qualities
Home by Midnight – appears dark purple but applies gorgeous deep turquoise
Magic Wand – silvery periwinkle
Once Upon a Time – peachy/golden pink
Happily Ever After – light mauvey pink

Lip Poisons:
$5 for full size, $3.50 for purse size

Loose Eye Shadow:
$6.50 for full size, $1 for sample

$6 (Once upon a time, Happily Ever After, not pictured)

Pressed Shadows:
$6.50 for full size, $2 for sample (Under a Spell, Home by Midnight, Magic Wand, not pictured)

My favorites are:
Fairy Godmother, Spell-breaking Kiss, Enchanted Forest, Wicked, Wicked Witch, If the Glass Slipper Fits

I’m really curious about Once Upon a Time, Home By Midnight and Under a Spell.

The colors are very pigmented, and I love that it’s easy to see the contrasting sparkles in many of the shades! I really feel like this collection was nicely done from the samples that I have.

Samples sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.