The fantabulous PinkLadyJ made a facebook page that I think you should check out! It’s called Wet n’ Wild Rainbow all the way (double rainbow! All the way! but what does it all mean?)

You can view it here.

Here’s what she has to say about the page “What we’re trying to do is gather enough support to encourage Wet n Wild to make an 8 pan color icon palette in Rainbow. If enough people show they want a rainbow palette maybe they’ll make one. So far Wet n Wild has actually noticed the page and they said the idea of a rainbow palette is a great idea but they haven’t officially said they’d make one yet, or if so when. So we’re hoping to encourage/convince them to make this happen for all us color loving makeup fans. ”

As someone who loves color, I’m all for this :) So if you’re interested in color, check it out!

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