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June’s Independent Spotlight is with Belén from Lost in Makeupland.

How long have you loved makeup?
I think I’ve loved it all my life, which is fun because there wasn’t any make up at my house since my mother has never used any makeup. When I was 6 or 7 I liked to play with my cousins mixing up their mother’s makeup with creams, or apply it to ourselves, I loved drawing girls on paper and give them color with pencils and LOOOOVED using markers on dolls to change their makeup.

When I was 12 I started to tightline my eyes with blue or black pencil and at 14 I used mascara and a bit of powder. It was experimenting really, but I loved it, and at 18 it was when I started to be more serious about it and to learn what looked good and not and leeeeearn, which I just love.

How many hours a day do you work? Days a week? How do you balance work and your social life?
My shop is quite small and doesn’t have a high order volume, which makes it easy to find a balance with my social life. If I have orders to work on, I fill them during the morning so I have time for everything else and the evening to myself. I usually work around 3 hours per day, 5 days per week on developing products, testing and checking my numbers and writing down ideas of new colors, blog posts, and new stuff I have in the works :)

What challenges do you face being an international company?
It’s quite a challenge being an international company since it leaves me a step behind US ones. First of all, supplies get quite expensive due to ridiculously high shipping charges, since I don’t buy all my supplies from the same place it gets super expensive. That means that I can’t keep my prices as low as I’d like because I’d be losing a lot of money.

Shipping overseas is also expensive, so I had to adjust my shipping costs so I can cover what it costs me to ship an order to my customers. I know that may throw some people off and posted the actual shipping costs on my blog so people can check by themselves.

Shipping overseas also takes time. It’s usually 7-10 working days, sometimes it’s faster or much slower, depending on a lot of factors. That’s also something that keeps US customers specially to buy from me because they’re not getting their products in a couple of days. Also, the fact that registered mail gets held on US offices for scanning makes upgrading shipping a pain because there’s no way to know when it’s going to arrive and takes FOREVER.

I also think that the recent scandals on the MMU world have made people shy away from newer companies they don’t know much about and stick to these they know from before and have their place already.

Overall I find that being a company from outside the US make shopping from me a bit “harder” than shopping from an US company just because people tends to trust US companies more.

People are being quite understanding though and I’m really happy about it, in these tough times I can say I have quite a few lovely loyal customers who support me and help me fight the adversities I’m finding in this business. <3

What are your favorite colors to wear?
My favorites would be yellow, purple and bright double liners. I usually wear a bit of everything! Depending on my mood I grab something different. It also depends on my clothes or if I’m testing a new color. On my clothes, black, grey and red paired with jeans.

What are your favorite lip colors?
It’s hard to chose between red and pink! I usually just alternate depending on my eye makeup and mood. Morgana Cryptoria’s Azalea Blue would be my favourite pink and for reds, I alternate between NYC Retro Red, Morgana’s Twinkling Rubies and Very Cherry.

Do you have a favorite beauty trend?
Not really, I’m not very interested in trends and keep loyal to my style, but I have to admit that I really like this summer’s orange lip trend.

Do you have a trademark look or trademark colors?
Yes! Most of the time I wear a thick winged eyeliner and a bold lip color unless I’m in a hurry then I put on a nice neutral lipstick so I don’t have to worry about retouching, or wear bright colors on my eyes and a semi-neutral lip. On my eyes I alternate yellows, purples and dark, sultry browns, but lately I’ve been loving blue too.

Do you have a favorite seasonal trend?
If wearing fresh, citrusy scents on summer counts as one, I do! I don’t pay much attention to trends.

Where do you look for inspiration when you’re in the mood to create something new?
Inspiration usually comes to me when I least expect it (you know about that 😉 ) or there are things or situations that inspire me to create something, but when I don’t have a clear idea I like to browse through fashion images and nature pictures and listen to music.

Why did you decide to start making eye shadows?
It started like something fun and experimental a few years ago, reading blogs I discovered TKB and it’s starter kit. I got it and started to play with the colors and loved it. Then I started doing more complex ones and inspired by the blogs I loved and the fact that I found my eyeshadows to work really well I decided I should set my own shop and stop keeping them to myself.

What are your top 5 favorite colors you’ve created?
It’s hard to chose because I make colors that I like to wear myself! But it’d be

Lazy Sunday (Lyfestyle Collection eyeshadow)
Faerie (Highlighter)
Dream On (Rock My Look Collection eyeshadow)
Psychedelic Mushroom (Lifestyle Collection eyeshadow)
Yuu (eyeshadow from the upcoming Nostalgia Collection)

I know you have gorgeous highlighter shades. Can you tell me what inspired you with them?
I looooove creating highlighters. They’re fun and versatile and are often overlooked. Whipped was the first one, but that one was too shimmery for my face and I wanted a lighter texture. I created Faerie because I wanted one that would work on both my face and eyes, suited my skin toning and was natural and easy to use. Since it leaned a bit warm and I knew people with cooler skin tones or too warm tones would like something more neutral, I created Glow, which has a bit of pink and gold and blends equally well.
Then the lovely Ana suggested I created one for girls with pale, cool toned skin and I matched her skin tone with English Rose. Since then I’ve created some more, some of them super secret at the momment and there’s a new line of eye highlighters that I’ll be releasing this month.

Can you tell us about any new collections you’re planning?
I’m super excited about all the stuff I have comming! First there is the Nostalgia collection, which shades inspired from tv shows and cartoons I grew up with. I also have some highlighter shades ready to release and blushes.

There’s also a lovely project I have that I’m going to work in during this summer. It’ll be beautiful because it’s going to be a collaboration with my customers and I think it’ll be great. It’s going to be a tribute to adopting pets, cat’s actually, and I want to make the collection based on my experiences with adoption and being a foster home for kitties and with my fan’s stories too. I want every color dedicated to one cat and it’s story and want to put them together in a little free ebook which will be donated afterwards to the shelter’s I work with. There’s a lot of work ahead of it and I’m sure when the momment comes we’ll come up with lots of ideas, but I’m really excited about it.

Have you ever dyed your hair crazy colors?
Yes!! My hair has gone though every shade of red and pink you can think of, I’ve also had it purple, pink with turquoise and blue streaks and orange. Lately since I’m unemployed I had to dye it a normal shade, which I’m not happy about, but still I dyed it blonde and turquoise on my lowe layers, which has now faded into a cute green. As soon as I have a job I want to dye it red again. I miss my red hair!

What’s your skincare routine?
It’s changed a bit over the years, but currently I cleanse my face with OHWTO’s Black Magic soap first thing in the morning and the last before I go to bed and use a toner afterwards. I use a exfoliating cream in the evening after the gym and apply a 50 SPF sunscreen in the morning. I know I need a moisturizer, but have yet to find one that doesn’t make me break out horribly yet. I have super sensitive skin!

What are your favorite authors or books to read?
I used to be a bookworm when I was much younger! Haven’t had a lot of time to read in the last years though. I’ve never had a favorite author, but I like different books. I enjoy reading horror, children books, mistery and anything that will make me smile or laugh out loud.

Do you have any favorite tv shows?
When it comes to tv, I usually prefer cartoons over series. South Park, Family Guy, the good old Simpsons and lately, American Dad and Bob’s Burgers are shows I’m enjoying inmensely. When it comes to real action, I love House, Hospital Central (a Spanish one), Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure!) and The Big Bang Theory. Lately I’ve been into Community too.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
I’m not into any of them, but guess I’d say Star Wars just because lightsabers rock.

What’s on your iPod or Pandora station?
A bit of everything, lately I’ve been listening a lot of Incubus, Alice in Chains and Meshuggah with a bit of the Andrews Sisters and Aerosmith thrown in the middle :)

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
I have a nose piercing, three ones on my earlobes and one in a cartilague. I plan on getting a few more on my ears and another on my cartilague.

I don’t have any tattoos because I’ve never been able to afford them, but plan on getting a few when I can. I LOVE tattoos.

What’s your favorite way to accessorize?
I like to keep my accessories simple, earrings, the ocassional ring and some times a necklace. I’m a disaster and tend to lose everything so I try not to wear something I like too much.

Do you have any pets?
At the momment I live with my three year old kitty Mini, who is the cutest, silliest cat ever for me. I love her and can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t adopted her! I also have a 10 year old dog who lives with my parents quite far from here and miss him a lot.

I’ve been a foster home for a lot of kitties from animal shelters and love them all and feel proud of having helped them get a better life. When I get a job and find myself able to do it, I plan on going back to being a foster home for kitties, it’s very fullfiling for me and I find that having lived with so many different cats also does a lot of good to Mini.

What colors do you like to decorate with?
Red, black and white, I really don’t get out of these when it comes to decoration.

What color is your bedroom?
White. Since I’m not living at my own place, I really can’t do anything to change this decoration. I have fuchsia and neon green paint ready for when I’m able to move to my own place :)

What color is your office?
Light yellow. Not the best for work since I find lightening is quite bad, but can’t do anything about that either :( Same as with my bedroom, when I’m on my own place I’ll paint everithing white and one of the walls red.

What do you do to relax?
I go to the gym LOL. I find that the only way I have to relax is letting go of all my energy and do some excercise. I actually need to excercise to keep myself balanced and happy, both my body and mind need it. Also going out with friends takes my mind off everything.

How do you pamper yourself?
I love taking long showers and doing repairing treatments on my hair. Usually a hot shower with lovely smelling soap, sugar scrubs and body creams make me feel great and I love indulging into them.

Do you have a favorite chocolate?
I’m not a sweets person, but who doesn’t love a little chocolate? My favorite would be black chocolate, or black chocolate cupcakes with some white chocolate on top.

Can you tell me something about yourself that would surprise your fans?
I’ve said before that I used to work for Gamestop during almost 4 years, but I doubt I’ve ever said I don’t really like videogames. Don’t shoot me! Sure I enjoy some of them like Bioshock, Fable, a few RPGs, Gears of War, my good old graphic adventures (I’m currently playing Monkey Island on my iPhone) and some more, for example playing Wii with friends, but I’m not really into the whole thing and being surrounded by and sellign them every day during 10 hours for so long really have made me want to keep myself away from them.