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Ok, so when I was having issues with Hostgator this past week, they ‘fixed’ something for me. What they ended up doing was making it so that my pages do not display if you have a .html tacked on the end. The blog posts only display if you remove the .html. This is very bad, because this breaks ALL of my links, and archiving and internet searches that go to my site. So, I’ve been able to fix everything on my reviews, interviews, swatches, looks, favs, nixed, etc (at least I think I have), but if you do a search and it gives you an error 404 message, try removing the .html at the end of the URL.


Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick Swatches & Review

(formatting I’ve used since I started blogging)

Make it:
(formatting I am now stuck with thanks to the ‘help’ from Hostgator)

I’ve been running non-stop all day today since 9am. I’m still on a loaner laptop, and I’ve been taking a ton of pictures, so I will have FOTDs to post soon. I’ve also gotten a few posts written and some guest posts scheduled.

Phaedra & Max say hi :)