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At the beginning of May I picked up some new products from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Wow, the offerings of products have really grown since I initially reviewed them back in July 2010!

Shade Descriptions:
Butterfly Flutterby – lustrous aqua with lime green glitter
My Little Pony – pale pastel lavender with green shift & aqua & pink iridescence
Hana Maru – plush metallic silvery grey with iridescent & holographic micro glitter
Unicorn – sheer iridescent silvery white with silver & turquoise shimmers
Lap Dance – shimmering teal with loads of purple micro glitter
Keroppi – iridescent smoky blue-green with pink micro glitter
Sugar Minuet – blackened blurple metallic with royal blue flecks
Badtz Maru – blackened taupe pearl wrapped in soft mauve with chartreuse micro glitter
Oceania – a gorgeous iridescent royal blue with pretty rainbow shimmer
Purin – iridescent buttery gold with soft green shift & orange shimmers
Cottontail – light lime green with violet sparkles
Plum Blossoms – a sheer dirty pink with a gorgeous pink afterglow
Keep Dreamin’ – pale pink with fuchsia glitter
Guns n’ Roses – a blend of black, magenta and opalescent hot pink glitter
Fantasia – gorgeous peachy shade with subtle violet shift
Shy Girl – bright almost neon coral/pink with just the tiniest bit of violet sheen
Midnight Train – deep midnight blue, almost purple, with loads of hot pink glitter
Mr. Ed – a sheer iridescent golden peach with copper fleck
Surfrider – a silky smooth sheer peachy pearl shimmer
Sugar Minuet – blackened blurple metallic with royal blue flecks
Violetta – soft orchid violet with red blue and green glitterr
Sedana – a warm caramel with peachy undertones

Shy Girl on my lips.

My favorites of the eye shadows:
Butterfly Flutterby – it’s aqua with tiny lime green sparkles, what’s not to love?
My Little Pony – lavender with green iridescence, very unusual
Unicorn – white with strong iridescent turquoise and pink sheen
Lap Dance – lovely blue-teal wih fuchsia-violet glitter
Sugar Minuet – lovely deep purple with blue sparks
Cottontail – light lime green with fuchsia-violet glitter
Mr. Ed – pretty peachy gold

My Little Pony & Sugar Minuet

Fantasia  blush.

The current turn around time is 10 to 14 business days, though I think Susan ships faster than that.

I find the site a little weird to navigate, but the search function works perfectly.

Eye shadows & Blushes – $4 full, $2 petite, $.60 sample. Full sizes come packaged in 5g jars with approximately 3/4 tsp of products, Petit’s come in 3g jars with approximately 1/4 tsp of products and samples come packaged in 2×2 zip lock baggies with approximately 1/8th of a tsp of product.
Eye Liners – $6 5g eye liner wand with felt applicator.
Tinted Lip balm – $4.50

Ingredients are listed on each individual product listing.

I love the products I purchased. Shy Girl was a freebie and OMG I loved it, too.  Shy Girl is DEFINITELY my sort of color! It’s so pretty and bright. Rawr! I loved the first purchase I made so much, I quickly made a second one, which included a full size of Fantasia, a lippy in the same tinted formula and several of the eye shadows.

Overall, I’m really happy with all the products I’ve tried from Darling Girl. The tinted lip balms that I have are nicely pigmented and moisturizing. The eye shadows are great. The blush is cute. The prices are incredibly reasonable. I’ll definitely purchase from Darling Girl again.

Most products were purchased by me, but I also received some free samples. All opinions are my own.