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Since you mentioned you’d like to see more posts about my style, I thought I’d mention a recent acquisition. I’d wanted to pick up some comfy but cute black sandals for the summer and I’d been searching online but hadn’t seen anything I really liked. When Ray and I went to i-mall on Saturday to go to the Apple store, we strolled into the Walking Company Store after his appointment at Apple.

Ray and I both gravitated towards this pair of sandals, so I tried them on. They fit perfectly in a 39 (size 8). They’re called the Umburto Raffini Gloria.

I’ve got Zoya Roxy on my toes in the picture.

The sandals extremely comfortable to wear. They’ve got a diminutive one inch heel, which doesn’t do much for me since I’m short, but that’s ok. I didn’t realize they were made with leather when I bought them and the lady at the store we were at didn’t point that out. They were 25% off, which seemed like a good discount. Additionally, Ray saw some shoes there that he may go back for, as he liked their style.