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So tonight I decided I NEEDED to use my Manic Panic Vampire Red. I went from my gorgeous light blonde and Hot Hot Pink to Vampire Red & Hot Hot Pink. I think the two together are really quite stunning. The pink looks subtle from some angles (I know that sounds crazy), and then pops from others.

And hey! I’m wearing my glasses. I’ve got no face or eye makeup on. I am wearing Evil Shades Wicked Gloss in Guilty as Sin. I felt a Sin comin’ on! Hehehe :)

Seriously though, I thought it would look PERFECT with my hair.

My hair is so bright from certain angles I swear it’s retina burning!

Here’s a good before and after shot.

What I did to go from blonde to red.
1. As you know, I had bleached my hair to blonde. You can do this professionally or on your own if you’re comfortable with it.
2. I applied Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink to a section of my hair. Technically two, but you can’t always see the section on the right side of my face. I foiled the Hot Hot Pink section to keep the red from getting on it.
3. I applied Vampire Red to the rest of my hair.
4. I covered my hair with a cap and I left it on for about 2 hours.
When I went to wash my hair, the color was still creamy on it.
5. I rinsed, rinsed, rinsed for about a half hour until the water ran clean. Only the red sections, I wanted them completely rinsed before I removed the foils and did the pink.
6. Once the red was as rinsed as I thought it could be, I took off the foils and rinsed the pink section.
7. Once my hair was rinsing clean and I’d rinsed my scalp as thoroughly as I could manage, I used sulfate free shampoo. The shampoo did turn slightly pink on my scalp.
8. I rinsed the shampoo out and used sulfate free conditioner and left it on for a bit.
9. I washed the red off my neck/face, anywhere else that needed it.
10. I rinsed out the conditioner.
11. I blow dried my hair, using a big round brush and turning upside down at points, but I didn’t use any styling stuff on it, which is why it still looks wild. I’ll style it tomorrow.