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Nyx Cosmetics, following in the footsteps of Sleek, had a mega sale planned to start yesterday and end today. Unfortunately, the majority of people couldn’t participate in the sale because their site couldn’t handle the traffic. I myself tried checking the site from the start of the sale at 3pm EST (12pm PST) to 11pm EST (8pm PST). I then checked in the morning at 8am EST (5pm EST) and a few times when I took breaks during the day unil 3pm EST today. Not once could I purchase anything from the site. The site wouldn’t load for me. The few times it did load, it was an image saying ‘we’re getting ready for our sale.’

Comments on their Facebook page that were left by angry fans were being deleted, while the customer service representatives were hanging up on people who were calling on the phone (Read about Grey’s experience) or being rude when someone did get a customer service representative, and their social media person on twitter wasn’t very polite.

Overall, the company wasn’t prepared for the amount of traffic they received during the sale. However, that’s no excuse for the customer service being anything but polite.

Additionally, it definitely feels like the fans are getting shafted. People were promised sale items at $1.20. Now individuals are being offered a 50% off gift certificate, but only if they give lots of information to Nyx, which doesn’t seem right. While I may like Nyx products, I’m not happy about this at all. Not only did I leave comments on facebook, I emailed customer service and then filed a complaint with the FTC.

I had planned to post my review of the Nyx Lip Pencils and the Nyx Matte Lip Creams this week, but they’re going to have to wait a while.