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I had these swatched, but hadn’t yet had a chance to get them up. I’ve got several new colors from Venomous Cosmetics.

Shade Descriptions:
Death Adder – medium beigey-bronze brown with pink hints
Margarita in Mexico City – lime green that pulls gold
Sydney Harbour at Night – deep purpley blue
Stingray – light charcoal silver
Constellation – red-based purple with interesting red specks
Sea Krait – light shimmery blue
Bravest Astronaut – strong red with magenta shifts
Eyelash Viper – medium yellow shimmer
Northern Lights – silvery neutral to light peachy pink with very soft blue/green iridescence
Sahara Sandstorm – medium bronzey pink
Austin Boy – matte hot pink with fuchsia leanings
Zero Gravity – baby pink with teal/purple/pink iridescence

Zero Gravity on top of Nyx Purple Rain lipliner.

Bravest Astronaut in the crease.

The new colors are really lovely. Zero Gravity is AWESOME. It’s perfect for layering. Stingray has gorgeous blue undertones which may not be apparent in the swatches. Death Adder is really nice for a neutral. I LOVE Margarita in Mexico, Sydney Harbour at Night, Sea Krait & Bravest Astronaut. Eyelash Venom is nice. As usual, I love the lip poisons.

Northern Lights, Death Adder, Sahara Sandstorm, Margarita in Mexico City, Sydney Harbor at Night and Stingray were purchased by me. The other samples were sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.