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Glamour Doll Eyes (affiliate link) just released a collection inspired by Super Heroes called Super Shadows!

Images courtesy of Glamour Doll Eyes.

Shade Descriptions:
Ancestry is a satin white with rich silk gold undertones and sparkle.
Bird? Plane? is a bright blue with yellow and golden sparkles throughout.
Cajun is a medium to bright pink with orange and gold sparkle and sheen.
Feline Fatale is a bright purple with subtle black undertones.
Light Speed is a medium orange with gold and red sparkle.
Mighty Maiden is a light sky blue with subtle gold and silver sparkle.
Recruit is a rich teal with silver sparkles throughout.
Schizophrenic is chartreuse green with subtle purple shimmer.
Spider-Sense is a medium to dark red with blue sparkle.
Vigilante is a darkened blue with black undertones and a silver sparkle throughout.

Full Sizes are $6 for a 5 gram jar, sample jars are $2.50 and sample baggies are $1.25.

I’m most interested in Schizophrenic, Feline Fatale, and Cajun. I love the flavor text for some of the shades, such as Ancestry, discussing Storm :) I always loved Storm!

I like the inspiration for this collection! What do you think?