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Quite a while ago, I picked up the Redken Radiant Sea Spray at the suggestion of my stylist, Lori.

The Website Claims:
This spray is supposed to add texture as well as time-touch fragrance capsules that burst open with oceanic scent when the hair is touched. Safe for color treated hair.

The Ingredients are:
Sea Algae – Protects
Soy Protein – Replenishes
Aloe Vera – Moisturizes
Oceanic Calone – Fragrance

$12 for 3.4 oz at, available at Ulta & salons as well.

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes! The scent on this product is very clean, it reminds me of clean cotton or linen or something.  I’m usually not a clean cotton person when it comes to scents but I really like this one in my hair! Lori said it was perfect for after you’d been out at the club, if you had smoke or something lingering in your hair you could just spritz this in, run your hands through your hair, and you’d be cleaned up. It does a really good job with the scent. The texture it gives my straight hair is ok, as it applies as a fine mist when I spritz it on and I can then scrunch my hair or rake my fingers through my hair and shake it a bit to utilize the spray.

Would I purchase again?
Probably. Overall, I really like the scent and the texture is nice in my hair. I think the price is reasonable for me for the amount of product you get, though obviously the price varies wildly by where you purchase it. I think the concept is really neat with the touch-release scent, and I’d like to see more products like this.

Have you tried the Redken Radiant Sea Spray? Or is there another hair product like this one that you prefer?

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.