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Meow Cosmetics just released their Supernaturals Shadow collection. It’s a collection of mystical iridescent translucent shadows, ideal for brow highlighting!

Telekenesis – peach with orange iridescence
Telepathy – aqua with blue/green iridescence
Levitation – soft butter yellow with golden iridescence
Astral Projection – lilac with blue iridescence
Aura – lemon yellow with golden iridescence
Illusion – iridescent petal pink
Psychic – pure white with silver iridescence
Teleportation – bright blue with aqua iridescence
Apparition – white with gold iridescence
Hallucination – buff with copper iridescence

I am STOKED about this collection because I love using iridescent colors for highlighting on the browbone. I can’t wait to try out these beauties!

I do wish that there was a pale peachy-pink with violet iridescence, but other than that, all of the colors sound great :)