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Geek Chic Cosmetics just launched a new collection, N7, for all your Mass Effect fans out there! I’ve also got a sneak peek of an upcoming collection, Mana Screwed, which is a matte collection inspired by Magic the Gathering. And of course, I’ve got swatches of the cute custom palette that Chantel gifted me with, too.

Quad – Mana Battery, Ugghhh… Brains, Phyrra, Stay Indoors
Mana Screwed – Plains, Forest, Mountain, Island, Swamp
N7 – Element Zero, Archangel, N7, Matriarch, Normandy, Scientist Salarian, Cerberus
Single Player – Lolicon

Hipster Ariel – a gorgeous blue-based teal lipstick.
Tentacle Grape – pretty grape gloss

Lolicon is the brightest pink that GCC has created yet, and I think it’s my favorite from them. Then again, it’s no secret I adore bright pinks.

Hipster Ariel is an amazing lipstick shade. I received a sample of it and just love how it’s blue based as opposed to green based.

Tentacle Grape gloss is Chantal’s favorite, and it’s really cute.

The N7 collection of colors is mostly pearly, which is nice. Element Zero is a wintery light blue. Archangel is a sage green. N7 is a shimmery red that leans slightly orange. Matriarch is a vivid blue. Normandy is a pearly charcoal. Scientist Salarian is a deep golden brown. Cerberus is ย a gorgeous gold. What’s Under the Helmet? is a pearly blue-violet.

Plains is a bright matte white. Forest is a nearly matte green. Mountain is a red created to match the red from the Magic the Gathering red deck. Island is a nearly matte blue. Swamp is a matte black. I have to say, seeing the cards inspired by Magic the Gathering made me smile since I used to play a Blue-Green deck. Llanowar elves for the win!

So go forth and check out the new collection from Geek Chic Cosmetics! I’d love to hear what you think :)

Some products were a gift & others were samples sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

Edit: It’s come to my attention that the name of the gloss Tentacle Grape is a reference towards a subject I do not find appropriate to joke about. For this reason I can’t stand behind the product but I do recommend Geek Chic’s other amazing glosses as I do really like the formula.