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Mystic Bruttino

Today I played around with Mysticism from Evil Shades new collection and some colors from the Tokidoki Devil Girl Cromatico palette. To start, I used TFSI as my base. I then applied Mysticism to the inner 3/4 of the lid with a lid brush. I then used an Urban Decay crease brush to apply Bruttino to the outer corner of the lid and the crease. On the edge of the upper crease/browbone I took an ecotools smudge brush and used Thirsty to add a pale golden/yellow sheen, blending it out. With an ecotools highlighter brush I applied Carina on the browbone and blended downward. I used UD’s liquid liner in Perversion on the upper lash line. I added a tiny pop of Carina to the inner corners of the eye with another ecotools smudge brush. I used Estee Lauder’s Shadow Pencil in Bronze on the lower water line. Then I took a Medusa’s Makeup angled eye shadow brush and ran that against the tip of the EL Gold side of the shadow pencil and put the gold along the lower lash line. I defined my brows with the 104 Dark Blonde brow pencil. Then I took a stiff angled eye shadow brush (I think from Sephora), and brushed the brows, to sort of soften the pencil and make it look better. I finished by applying the Sumptuous Bold Volume Mascara. […]

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Double Wear Band Wagon

At the insistence of Grey (and all the praising of Double Wear & DW Light that she & Ana have done), I went to the Estee Lauder counter to get matched. I explained to the lady working there that I have a strong pink overtone that I prefer neutralized, and that I have neutral undertones. She applied some Double Wear Light in Intensity 1, and had me go outside to look with a mirror. I wish I’d brought my camera because I always take pictures of me in foundations with no flash in direct sunlight. While inside, it looked like it was too dark, and outside it still looked a bit dark. There was a noticeable line from my face to my neck. So she wiped that off and noted that when she rubbed my face it got red(aka the pink overtone saying hi!), and I said yes, that happens whenever I cleanse. She next tried the original Double Wear in Shell. When I heard the name I thought shell pink, but figured since I’d clearly stated that my undertones are neutral and I do NOT want to accentuate the pink overtone, she wouldn’t put me in a cool foundation. I was incorrect. She did give me a sample of the Shell to take home and try. I think it’s a touch too pink, so I’m going to head back tomorrow and get a sample of Ecru, which is the lightest neutral in that foundation type. However, I did pick up the Gold Bronze ShadowStick pencil, and I also picked up an eye cream that Grey said was simply amazing – the Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Eye Cream. As I was at Belk’s department store, they told me that if I didn’t like the eye cream, I could simply return it for a refund. They don’t do samples on skincare products there. I figured if I could return it, then it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Because I purchased those two things, I got 2 gifts with purchase. I walked out of there with way more than I expected. […]

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