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On January 25th, I ordered the Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes 6-piece Baked Collection. I knew that this was a pre-order and that the products wouldn’t be shipped until a later date. This didn’t seem like a big deal to me, as I was under the impression the company would communicate with me when the item would ship.

On Feb. 9, when I logged in to get a status update, it said that the order should be delivered that day! As it was already end of day, I was surprised. I called QVC and they said they’d have to research it and they had no idea why it would say it should be delivered on Feb. 9 when they didn’t think it was ready yet. The lady on the phone was nice and helpful and she assured me I’d receive an email response with an update on this order.

On Feb. 11 I followed up and sent an email. I received a response back later stating:
I am happy to assist you and apologize for any frustration. The order for
the Laura Geller 6-pc Collection has been delayed in being received by our
warehouse. I regret we are awaiting an update from our corporate offices
as to the status. The order will be noted as soon as we receive a
response. Thank you for your patience.

I heard nothing for 8 days.

On Feb. 18 I emailed and asked for an update. On Feb. 19 I receive a response back:

Thank you for emailing QVC.
I apologize for any disappointment. This is still be researched at this
time. I hope you can enjoy the Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes 6-pc Collection
with Brush soon. Have a nice day.
It has been a pleasure assisting you. We look forward to serving you again
in the future!

On Feb. 21st I emailed:

My friend who also ordered the Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes 6-pc Collection set when I ordered mine received her shipping notice today.
However, I have not received a shipping notice or an update as to the status of my order.
Order #
Order Date 1/25/2011
Does this mean that mine is shipping today as well?

Thanks for your assistance,

No response back. I did get an email late on the 21st that stated my order was In Process and then Label Printed.

On Feb. 23 I emailed:
I’m disappointed in the customer service that I’ve received from QVC with
this order. I’ve never received a shipping notification for my order, yet
my friend who ordered the same day as me received her order yesterday. I’ve
contacted customer service a few times asking for updates, because every
time I would log into my account, it would show that the item should have
shipped on Feb. 9, but it never shipped. This was my first time ordering
from QVC, and it will likely be my last due to the lack of communication
from your company. I’ve repeatedly emailed asking for an update and not
received any updates unless I’ve initiated contact. I still don’t know when
I’ll receive my order. This is not good customer service.

My account stayed with ‘Label Printed’ status on the 22nd and 23rd and 24th (Tues, Wed, Thurs), never showing it had shipped. I actually feel that for the order to sit there with label printed for 3 business days was bad.

I received a response back to that one on Feb. 24:
Good morning! Thank you for writing.
I will be happy to assist you today. I’m sorry that your order didn’t
arrive when you expected. Your order #, for item #, the
Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes 6-pc Collection with Brush was shipped via UPS
on 2/23/11. Please allow 13 days for delivery. If you don’t receive your
item within that time frame, please contact us with your name, complete
shipping address, as well as your preference for a replacement (if
available), refund to the original payment method or customer credit. I’m
sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
It has been a pleasure assisting you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Now, to be clear, I didn’t receive a shipping notice until Feb. 24. However, by this time, as my friend has had her order for a few days, and other people have too, it led me to wonder why I didn’t receive my order. I’m left wondering why the customer service people who answer the emails ignored questions I asked, and say things like ‘I’m sorry your order didn’t arrive when expected,’ when it seemed like I couldn’t get a clear answer of when to expect my order and I never received the initial email promised by the woman on the phone.

Overall, I was left with the feeling that the customer service didn’t really answer my questions or care about them, and the website seemed to indicate that my order sat for a long time with the label printed but not shipping. Is it right for an order to sit for 3 business days? Also, if a customer service representative tells me ‘you’ll be contacted by email’ and I’m never contacted, that bothers me.

I don’t really feel like QVC showed me good customer service. As someone who had never ordered from QVC before, I’m not likely to order from there again. I was really disappointed with my experience.

Has anyone else ordered from QVC? What was your experience like? Is this typical or unusual? If they tell you that they’ll email you, do they normally follow through?