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I was asked if I would post a picture of my naked face, as well as one with my foundation on but no blush. So of course, I complied and then added a few more 😉

Here is my naked face, in direct sunlight, no flash. You can see I have major pink overtones and I prefer to have those countered, not enhanced. This is why, if I wear a pink-based foundation, I look like I have a sunburn.


This is me in my daybulb light, no flash, at the vanity, wearing Too Faced Amazing Face foundation in Vanilla Creme. I put my foundation on very lightly today.


This is me in direct sunlight, with no flash and no blush. Just the foundation is on. You can see it actually looks a tad dark, and you can tell I put it on lightly. A bit of my pink overtones are peeking through.


This is me inside, in daybulb light, but with flash. I have my foundation, blush and highlighter on.
This really emphasizes why, if you’re trying out a foundation, you should take a picture of your face and neck in direct sunlight while wearing the foundation. The image will show you whether or not the foundation matches. The flash tends to even you out and make it look like most things match, even when they do not.

So as you can see, I have strong pink overtones that I prefer to minimize. To minimize pink, you can do it with a foundation, or a correcting powder before you apply foundation. I’ve only tried a green correcting powder a few times but it seems to work well. I usually prefer to just us my foundation.

I’m also very pale, which is why most foundation lines found in drugstores and department stores tend to be too dark for me. I have a mix of undertones, mostly creamy with with a bit of beige, a touch of peach, and a dash of yellow. I’ve found in my experiments over the years with foundations that neutral or neutral leaning warm work best for me.

In my experiences recently with foundations (Covergirl NatureLuxe in 305 Alabaster, Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Foundation in Porcelain, Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation in 110 Porcelain, and Maybelline Fit Me Powder Foundation in 110 Porcelain), all the lightest shades available in the drugstore are for pale people with pink undertones. Indie foundations, such as Meow Cosmetics, cater to everyone, including those of us who are pale with neutral undertones with shades like Inquisitive Siamese. Some department store foundations, such as Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation in Vanilla Creme lean more neutral, which is great, too.

What about you? What foundations work best for you? Cool? Warm? Neutral? Pale? Dark?

What I’m looking for when it comes to foundation is something that’s pale enough,  able to neutralize my pink overtones and even out my color, and be light to medium coverage. I don’t want to wear a mask.

On the right side of my blog I set up a poll. If you feel comfortable, please answer about your undertones in the poll. It’s completely unscientific. However, the majority of the answers so far have fallen into the pink undertones or neutral undertones categories. It’s really neat to see the responses!