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There are several changes happening at Evil Shades and I wanted to share with you all. These are from the Evil Shades blog.

There are a lot of changes coming at Evil Shades Cosmetics.

Some are to improve quality, some are to free space for new products and some are just because we are growing and with growth comes change.

The following are the changes being worked on at this time & the estimated time of those changes.

Products and shades being discontinued:

(These shades will be removed as current supplies run out)

Foiling Medium and both Cuticle products will be discontinued as of Now.

Blush colors:

Vixen, Avens & Pinup

Eye shadows:

Silver Bullet, Wistful, Madd Hat, Sinister, Erinnye, Coffin, Sweet Alice, Neritic, Infernal, Cheshire, Succubus, Xanthus, Gryphon, Kharon, Sylphe, Auld Lang Synge collection, Pin Up Girl collection. (I will be keeping a few shades from the ending collections which will be added to the regular eye shadows)


Sinister, Sasha’s Heart, Carna, Karta, Push & Morna


Diabolical (looking at possibly reformulating), Zirna, Devoted

Other changes coming:

*Our Deviant Lipsticks have been changed over to .07 oz. skinny black tubes. This change allows me to lower the price back to what I feel is more widely affordable. It also allows more precise application and they look nicer and less like a lip balm. This will come into effect as current stock runs out (about one week). Anyone who orders at the current price and receives the new skinny lippie will be refunded the price difference as their order is filled.

*Wicked gloss will now be packaged in a squeeze tube. This will end gloss leaks in shipping, holds more than double the gloss and has been a customer request for a while. This will begin immediately. There will be a higher cost but you will get a lot more product. (For those who prefer the gloss pots they will be available on request but will be the larger 5 gram pots you can purchase the Wicked gloss and note with payment “Request gloss pot”)

*Hardcore lips & Sinful gloss lines will be combined under the Hardcore lips line. Due to the variation in the two lines it will be noted in the color description if the shade is sheer, semi-sheer or opaque. This change will be done within the next 48 hours or less.

*Evil eye Primer will soon be changed over to a squeeze tube container. This is mostly due to customer requests and feedback. The cost will increase as you will receive double the amount of product than the current jar size. This will begin within the next week.

New product pictures are also soon to be up as well as coordinating swatches to help with color selecting.

Our beautiful new labels are almost all in so we are quickly changing over as we restock and refill.

New collections and product colors are always in the works and will be added as available.

As always we greatly appreciate your feedback & we hope these new changes show that we hear you and will always do our best to continue to improve and grow with you in mind! Evil Shades has the most amazing customers & friends!

Thank You,