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Recently Facefront tried advertising on my blog via Project Wonderful. As soon as I found out I banned them. Considering the constant harassment by them or someone associated with their company over the past two years (nasty comments left on my blog, etc) I found it to be a slap in the fact that they’d open a Project Wonderful account and advertise on my blog, as the company is quite aware that I do not like them. I’m glad I caught the ad after only a few hours and I banned them from advertising with me again. I refuse to support a company with such bad customer service and questionable ethics. I want nothing to do with them.

Tonight, Facefront showed more questionable ethics by spamming my email address with an email from their company that I did not sign up for. When I tweeted about it, a friend retweeted my comment as bad business practices by Facefront, and they responded in a very snarky, unprofessional fashion:

Yes, I am aware that I can ‘unsubscribe,’ but I never signed up! I shouldn’t HAVE to unsubscribe. SPAMMERS are the ones who sign you up for mailing lists you didn’t sign up for. Just because they gained ‘prior client e-mails’, that doesn’t give them the right to spam anyone who ever placed an order with the company. Because of the snarky reply on Twitter, I reported the email to the FTC, as well as their hosting company.

Harassing and spamming people are not acceptable business practices. This should not be happening. I refer you to ‘Don’t do dumb shit & people won’t write about it.’