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After hearing about Brazen Cosmetics from the lovely Grey, I ended up purchasing from them. I picked up the Original Candy Hearts sample set as well as the Screw Cupid sample set. I also snagged the Mango Mango lip scrub. I received some additional samples, as well. (Don’t forget about the Screw Cupid Giveaway I have going on right now, or the 20% Off coupon code: Phyrra, coupon code is only good on Valentine’s Day items)

Ordering from Brazen is easy, as it is with ordering from most places on Etsy. I believe all of the eye shadows are vegan, which is cool.

Shade Descriptions:
Tease – hot bubblegum pink with red/violet duochrome
Miss Independent – vibrant cool reddish burgundy with major sparkles
Vixen – almost-black red duochrome with red metallic shift
Last Call – flat rich black with a hint of burgundy and purple sparkle
Be Mine – soft pearl pink with blue sparkle
Cutie Pie – sweet soft green pearl with gold sparkle
Forever – soft tangerine orange pearl with purple sparkles
True Love – baby blue pearl with green sparkles
Mythic – bright almost-metallic yellow with green shift and plenty of green sparkle
Idol – sparkling shimmering rich gold
Incognito – gorgeous rich plum purple with purple sparkles
Tremor – strong bold royal purple with a satin finish and purple sparkles
Headstrong – rich smokey eggplant purple with a hint of shimmer
Cirque – brilliant blue-green with a satin finish and a teeny hint of gold.
Music Box – medium blue with a hint of teal and mega gold sparkles
Defiant – rich coffee brown with complex green shift and stand out gold sparkle
Mayhem- grey with purple and pink, taupe
Perfect 10 – the best blend of peachy pink with subtly gold shimmer
Shimmy (lip pot) – a merlot wine shimmer stain. V

The colors are all nice, smooth and pigmented. I especially fell head over heels for Tease. That color is just so HOT!

Tease on the inner 2/3 of lid and crease, Miss Independent on the outer 1/3 of lid and crease, Vixen to define the crease and Last Call smudged along lash line.

All of the shadows are really nice. I’ve been happy with all of them so far.
Mythic on center of lid.

The lipgloss was thick and really pigmented. I was impressed because I was expecting it to be sheer, so I was happy when it was not!

$4.99 to $5.99 for full size shadows
There are all kinds of deals on collections.
$4.99 to $5.49 for glitterati
$4.99 for lip glosses
$2.49 for lip scrub
$3.75 to $7.49 for scents

Lip Scrub:
Mango Mango is amazing if you love mango, which I do.
$2.49 for .5 oz, vegan.

The ingredients are:
Rich golden jojoba oil, creamy mango butter, almond oil, coconut oil and vitamin E for antioxidants and super sweet mango flavor create a gotta-have lip scrub that will love your lips.

I completely agree with the listing that says it’s a ‘gotta-have’ lip scrub. I love mangos. I had them for probably the first time when I was sick after my surgery in August, and found them to be divine. I now hunt them out, both in scented products, food and scrubs. It’s such a mouthwatering, awesome flavor to me!

There’s a note that mentions that there is almond oil in the product, in case of allergies.

Starts at $2.15 and goes up to $5, depending on the item and collection.
After shipping so much stuff myself, even buying bubblewrap envelopes in bulk, it costs me at least $2.50 to pay for shipping most places, so I find that shipping cost quite reasonable.

Would I purchase from Brazen Cosmetics again?
Yes! I am in love with the Mango Mango lip scrub. Seriously. I just wanna eat it up. And uhm, I might have eaten a tiny bit. Just a bit!  The eye shadows are lovely, and I like the lippy that I tried. I will definitely be purchasing the lip scrub again if it’s available in Mango. YUM! If you only check out two things, I would highly recommend the lip scrub and Tease eye shadow. They were my favorites.

Some products purchased by me, others sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.