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Geek Chic Cosmetics, a wonderful company that I was introduced to several months ago by Ana, recently released a collection that I believe Ana helped to create, called Big Damn Heroes. The collection is inspired by Firefly, an awesome Joss Whedon tv series.

Image courtesy of Geek Chic Cosmetics. Swatches courtesy of Lipsticks & Lightsabers.

I REALLY love the looks of Ambassador (hey, I went as a Companion to a party!) and Little Albatross. I also think Captain Tightpants looks pretty, but it would probably pull too orange on me. Very Fine Hat is such a neat color, and I always love greens like Inevitable Betrayal.

Of course, all the ‘chic’ and ‘geek’ color descriptions are adorable. I really love the extra step that Geek Chic takes with their colors!

Little Albatross
The Chic: This Little Albatross is a deep, steel-blue with blue and silver sparkles. The sparkliest of the bunch.

The Geek: Way I remember it, albatross was a ship’s good luck ’til some idiot killed it. Morbid and creepifying, but brilliant nonetheless. Also, she can kill you with her brain.

The Chic: Ambassador is a rich, reflective plummy-maroon filled with golden sparkle.

The Geek: Plenty of worlds won’t even let you dock without a decent companion aboard! It lends a certain respectability, as does this eyeshadow.

Captain Tightpants
The Chic: Captain Tightpants is a ruddy shiny golden-toned copper; it would look right at home next to his coat, which is… kind of a brownish colour.

The Geek: We love our Captain; he might be bad in the Latin but he’s a nice man, really. Someone must have told Mal he was an autumn, because he’s always decked out in earth-that-was-tones.

Very Fine Hat
The Chic: Very Fine Hat is a very blackened, dirty gold, just right for the sad little king. Deep and dark with a golden sheen lurking beneath.

The Geek: Badger is a businessman, a fine upstanding gentleman with roots in the community and yes – a very fine hat. He also got his hands on a couple of diamonds the size of- well, you know.

Inevitable Betrayal
The Chic: His was an evil laugh, but Inevitable Betrayal is a reflective golden-toned dinosaury-green.

The Geek: Some people juggle geese, some play with dinosaurs and some wear green eyeshadow. A tribute to the best pilot we know, even if something about him just bothers us.

Have you tried any colors from the Big Damn Heroes collection? If so, what did you like?