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OMG – More Orglamix

Following in the footsteps of Glittersniffer, it appears that Orglamix has allegedly been exposed for repackaging eye shadows that may not be eye safe.  (Not) Making It Up has a pretty disturbing blog post with pictures that show what she says are Orglamix eye shadows with their ingredients labels peeled back to reveal  another ingredients [...]

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  • bowed_phaedra

Sunday’s Glamourazzi

I put together this golden look for today. I wnt out shopping for a dress for a special occasion. I got a FANTASTIC deal on this dress. It was originally $199 and I got it for $42. The dress is purple and teal, and seemed to be made for me.   […]

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  • glitterboi_closed

Tropical Hana

All I could think about Saturday afternoon was being in Maui and all the lush, gorgeous tropical plants. So it’s  no surprise that this inspired me to play around with makeup for a while. I really love how bright OMGWTF is, such a great chartreuse shade, and its finish looks amazing against the satiny Javan Rhino and sparkly Glitterboi.   […]

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Dark Heart Designs – A Review

Recently I had the opportunity to try a mineral makeup company from Etsy called Dark Heart Designs. They’re a relatively new company and they don’t repackage their shades. I was sent 5 colors to try out: Vampire Heart, Toxic, Starstruck, Shudder and Killing Moon. […]

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