Daily archives:February 10, 2011 7:11 pm

Chaotic, Sugary Evil (aka another Valentine's Day Look)

I felt the need for a fun, pink look with Fyrinnae! It's another Valentine's Day look. I think it's pretty awesome. I used my favorite pinks from Fyrinnae, Sugar Skulls, Love Potion and Chaotic Evil. I also used Trickster lip lustre, which I'm just about all out of. I need to get another one! I think it's a really cute look. [...]

Shiro Intertubes Swatches

So a while ago I ordered a few Shiro Intertubes to try out. I purchased Robe & Wizard Hat, as well as Over 9000. and received samples of the rest. Shade Descriptions: Robe & Wizard Hat is a pretty blue. Over 9000 reminds me of the inside of a pink grapefruit. Three Wolf Moon is an awesome red! Love this one! Sad Keanu is a pretty p[...]