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Pink Inc by Meow Cosmetics

Meow Cosmetics has released a new blush collection, Pink Inc! Shade Descriptions: Floyd - rich sheer mulberry that gives medium - deep skin tones a lovely wearable flush of color Slip - bright warm coral PINK with a slight refreshing twist of citrus peach Cashmere - soft beige-y (is that a word?!) complex, naked PINK [...]

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  • vanilla_closed

OMG Cheat Codes!

Thanks to the lovely Ana for inspiring the title of this post. I was telling her I found a way for me to cheat with browns and make them work. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve always found brown eye shadow hard to wear. It goes muddy on me, quite easily. So I tend to shy away from browns. Enter my cheat… blue eye shadow. Yep, you read that right. Blue eye shadow is a way for me to cheat. If I’m wearing a mid-tone brown shade, such as Vanilla Truffle on my lid and crease, I can define the crease with a dark blue, such as Prussian. I was even able  to pull it off after making all of my colors rather dark, as opposed to a wash of color today. […]

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  • bella_down

Bronze Belle Look

I played around with Urban Decay’s loose eye shadow in X, trying to see if I could do a look that would be good with Flirt’s Bronze Belle mascara. This is what I came up with. […]

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  • johnny_concert

Johnny Concert Glamour Review

Recently I was contacted by Joanna of Johnny Concert Glamour, asking if I would like to review their makeup line or hold a contest with their products. They are an indie, vegan company that is punk rock themed. […]

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