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Recently when looking for a lip scrub on Etsy, I stumbled upon NaturalLogic. I ended up picking up not only their lip scrub but a sample gel masque that caught my eye.

Everything came in individual bags to prevent leaking on each other. They came with laminated instructions for use, and little spatulas as well. I liked this very much!

These were the two freebies sent along with my order. The first is a SuperFruit Nutritive Serum and Botanical Hydrating Face Toner.

While I’m not into toners, I do sometimes like serums. However I haven’t tried either of them yet.

Fruit Enzyme Refining Gel MasqueOrganic Soothing and Exfoliating Proteolytic facial mask with green papaya, pineapple and cucumber. All Natural and Vegan.

Green Papaya, Pineapple & Papaya Enzymes are the amazing force behind this refining masque. With the dynamic duo of both Proteolytic Enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it’s mild yet highly effective exfoliation power not only loosens the superficial top layer of dead skin cells, but also dissolves it, allowing it to be rinsed away.

Dissolves dead and damaged cells
Exfoliates the skin with it’s naturally occurring enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Purges pores of excess oils and toxins
Contributes to the reduction of wrinkles
Nourishes the skin with Vitamin A , Vitamin C & Beta Carotene
Accelerates the formation of new skin cells
Promotes elasticity
Excellent therapy for blemishes, mature skin, large pores, and sun spots

Consistent use shows a reduction in the appearance pore size & fine lines, stimulates collagen production, and promotes even skin tone.

A sensible choice for normal and sensitive skin alike, this mild yet highly effective gel is beneficial to use 2-3 days a week for gentle exfoliation.

$4.50 for .25 oz sample size, $18 for 1 oz, $28 for 2 oz

Aloe Vera Juice*, Vegetable Glycerin, Green Papaya Enzymes*, Pineapple Enzymes*, Papaya Enzymes*, Orange Blossom Distillate*, Rose Petal Distillate*, Cucumber Peel Extract, Pure Extracts of Green Tea*, White Willow Bark*, Stinging Nettle* & Burdock Root*, Grapefruit Seed Extract*, Vitamin C, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate.

*Certified Organic or Wild Crafted Ingredients


Using the Fruit masque was a little bit like putting sticky applesauce on my face. However, I definitely liked the results. I don’t do masques often enough. This one smelled amazing and I really liked how my skin felt after use. I like the ingredients as they’re all vegan and a good portion of them are certified organic or wild crafted.

Chocolate Petals Exfoliating Lip ButterOrganic Moisturizing Lip Scrub with Raw Cacao, Rose Petals and Bamboo. All Natural and Vegan.

Chocolate Petals Lip Butter Scrub is 100% Natural and made with 91% Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients

Bamboo & raw sugar made active in a buttery, moisturizing base, for a dazzlingly polished pucker mingled with sensory overload.

Gently and effectively provides surface exfoliation for dry, flaky, dehydrated lips, or for the prevention thereof. Stimulates circulation in the lips and surrounding skin, drawing oxygen & nutrients into the area, adding to it’s anti wrinkling & skin aging properties.

The aroma is sensual, sweet & chocolaty with berry & floral undertones. And, of course it’s made with 100% natural, organic and wildcrafted food-grade ingredients, so you don’t have to be concerned about licking your lips

$3.75 for .18 oz, $12 for .5 oz

Evaporated Raw Sugar Cane Juice*, Bamboo Extract, Raw Cacao*, Coconut Milk*, Jojoba Meal*, Shea Butter*, Raw Cacao Butter*, Pure Extracts of Green Tea*, Oat Straw*, & White Willow Bark*, Cocoa Absolute*, Rose Petal*, Vitamin E, Rosehips Oil, Vanilla Oleoresin*, Pomegranate Oil*, Proprietary Blend of Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils*.

*Certified Organic or Wild Crafted Ingredients


The lip butter scrub smells, tastes and feels divine. I’ve never tried a lip scrub quite like this before. I really love the mixture of chocolate and roses.

I like that NaturalLogic uses humanely harvested and renewable ingredients. I really like the packaging. The jars are clear and white plastic. The labels are easy to read. Additionally I like that the company is carbon footprint conscious and that they reuse packaging, as well as use recycled glass and jars. Ingredients, along with laminated instructions for use, are sent with each item.

Would I purchase again?
Yes. While it is a little pricey, I like both of the products that I tried, the philosophy of the company, and the ingredients used.

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