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Due to the lovely Grey’s raves, as well as the alluring Ana’s, I finally decided to give Epically Epic Soap  Co. a try.

I ordered Mango Lychee lip balm, as well as a Solid Lotion Sampler set. The scents I chose were Mango Lychee, Manila Mango, I Love Lychee, Coconut Vanilla and Pumpkin Pie. My freebie was Mint Chocolate Chip Espresso lip balm. Allison was sweet and made me a Mango Lychee solid lotion to match the Mango Lychee lip balm I was drooling over.

Lip Balm Ingredients:
Pistachio Butter, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Candelilla Wax, Flavor, Natural Sweetener, Honey, Mineral Colorant.


Mint Chocolate Espresso – tingly pepperment essential oil, dark chocolate, vanilla and a shot of espresso. 100% vegan. There is no honey in this one. It’s Vegan.

Mango Lychee – south asian tropical fruit goodness. This one is not vegan.

Mango Lychee lip balm is awesome. Mint chocolate chip espresso is really nice too. It reminds me of my minty cocoa chip lip balm that Aromaleigh used to make. The lipbalms are wonderfully moisturizing and the smell is divine. I like how my lips feel after the balm has been applied. I’ve been applying these at night before bed and I wake up with wonderfully plump lips.

Solid Lotion Ingredients:
Macadamia Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Pistachio Butter, Candelilla Wax, Olive Squalane, Fragrance, Vitamin E, Mineral Colorant. Vegan

$6.50 for 2 oz, $7 for 2 oz custom, $18 for 8 oz

Sampler Sets:
$12 for set of 5 tins that are .25 oz each

Mango Lychee – south asian tropical fruit goodness.

Coconut Vanilla ~ The warm summery scent of tropical coconut and comforting vanilla.

I Love Lychee – sweet south asian fruit

Pumpkin Pie – Cinnamon and clove, with notes of coffee and vanilla. The comforting aroma of fall spices makes a delectable lotion scent.

Manila Mango – fresh fruity scent of mangoes

The I Love Lychee scent is amazing. Also, Mango Lychee is awesome together, too. Pumpkin Pie is yummy enough to eat. Coconut Vanilla is calming and warm. Manila Mango is sweet. I fell in love with mangoes in August and have been semi-obsessed with them ever since. I’ve bought salsa with mangoes and pineapple, had them in stir fry, and just about any way I can find them. If you haven’t tried Lychee or Mangoes, you need to!

All of the scents are fantastic, but using the solid lotions, you can really see how their formula shines. I’ve primarily been using them in two ways:
The first is that I will apply them over my pulse points for a soft scent.
The second is using them on my hands and feet to moisturizer them. I’ll use my ped egg on my feet and then apply the solid lotion to them before bed. When I wake up my feet feel soft.

Would I purchase from Epically Epic Soap Co. again?
Yes! I just ordered a roll on of I Love Lychee, and a special custom solid lotion that you’ll see. I think the products that I tried are great. I love the scents and I love how moisturizing they are.

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.