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For years I never used a separate moisturizer on my eyes because I thought eye creams were a scam to get women to fling more money at an unnecessary product. (For the record, I feel the same way about toners, too.) I’d always use whatever moisturizer with SPF that I used on my face on my eyes and this seemed to work well for me.  After reading the enchanting Jessica’s blog of Out in a Pout, I realized she felt the same way about eye moisturizers. So then I started doing some reading online and in various books and my research reinforced that eye creams are not really necessary, provided that you’re already using a quality moisturizer on your eyes, face and neck. From what I’ve researched, eye creams normally have the same ingredients as facial moisturizers, only they’re smaller and more expensive, so they’re a superfluous product.

For my daytime moisturizer, I’ve been using Avon’s mark For Goodness Face Antioxidant Skin Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 for my face and eyes and neck for over a year. In between I have used various skin products to try out and review for my blog, but I always go back to this moisturizer because it’s the perfect daytime moisturizer for me. I’ve yet to find that perfect night time moisturizer. It’s packaged in a unique jar that makes it airless, so the ingredients in it aren’t exposed to the air and they don’t lose their effectiveness every time you use it. You also don’t have to dip your fingers in it (ewwww).

It’s gone up in price since I started using it from $16 to most recently $18 for 1.7 fl. oz. It’s chock full of awesome antioxidants:  dark chocolate, blueberry extract, lemon extract, apple extract, vanilla extract, raspberry extract, blackberry extract and grape extract, to name a few. They’re also high up on the list of ingredients, too. You can read my first review of this product here.

I have yet to find an effective night cream that I love as much as the mark daytime moisturizer, but I feel it’s very important to do so, specifically to protect and moisturizer my eyes.

So no, I don’t feel that eye creams are necessary. I do feel that quality daytime and night time moisturizers are necessary. I also feel that always applying a moisturizer with high SPF carefully to your eye area will help prevent the damage done by the sun to your skin. You should be applying moisturizer with SPF to your eyes, face and neck daily to protect your skin. I also personally recommend your hands and arms as well, anything that will be exposed to the sun. This will prevent aging more than anything else.

How do you feel about eye creams? Do you feel that they’re necessary? What’s your favorite daytime moisturizer with SPF? Do you have a favorite night time moisturizer?