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Dear Santa,

What I really want for Christmas is a Falcon Northwest TLX laptop.

It’s one of the lightest, fastest gaming laptops out there. While being less than an inch and a half thick, it’s got 1920 x 1080 resoltuion and a full size keyboard. It can be customized in any color you want (shown above is a purple teal duochrome). It’s truly a droolworthy machine for any gamer.

Supports Intel Core™ i5-520/540M & Core™ i7-620M processors

DX10.1 capable NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 425M 1024MB + Intel Integrated

DDR3 1066 MHz, 8GB Max

Hugs and Kisses,

So tell me, if you’re doing a Dear Santa letter, what are you asking for? I’d love to know!