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As you may remember, I had a problem with on Oct. 29. As of today, November 8, 2010, they still have the wrong shoe listed on their site, even though I told them that shoe is called Dollface according to

I received a coupon code from on Oct. 31st to as a ‘we’re sorry for the confusion on sending you the wrong pair of shoes twice.’

Early in the morning on November 4, 2010 they sent me an email telling me that my PayPal account has been refunded for the 1st pair of wrong shoes. Their email did not include a PayPal Refund ID. When I checked my PayPal account, there was no refund. I emailed them back stating this. At almost midnight on November 4, 2010 I received email notification from stating that I’d been refunded.

On November 5, 2010 received my 2nd pair of returned wrong shoes. I’m still waiting for a refund for that pair of shoes.

Now, in the meantime, on Friday October 29, 2010 I placed an order with
My order with them shipped on Wednesday November 3, 2010.
I received my order on Saturday November 6, 2010.

Here’s the purple box it came in, which clearly states Dollface for the style.

Here are the really cute shoes.

Here’s a close up of the detail.

To be honest, it did irk me that it took from Friday to Wednesday for Sketchers to ship my shoes. However, they did arrive in 3 days, so that was fast. And they sent the RIGHT SHOES! That was awesome!