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In March of this year, I purchased lots of bath products from Suds n’ Sass (Affiliate Link). I absolutely love their bath bombs, especially in Chocolate Cherry!

Sunday night, I was trying to relax so that I could fall asleep at a decent hour after having a wonderful day hanging out with my friends and my favorite musician, so I decided to try a bath with Suds n’ Sass bath salts in Cuddly Blue Poodle.

Now, the Cuddly Blue Poodle scent was suggested by me to Elizabeth of Suds n’ Sass. It’s described as warm vanilla sugar blended with juicy blueberries and hints of coconut. This is a scent I absolutely love!

I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to bath salts versus bubble bath or bath bombs, and I’m not entirely sure why. I think it’s because I always feel like I’m more likely to slip getting out of the tub if there are bath salts than if it’s a bubble bath. But regardless, I scooped some salt in to the hot water and just soaked. I closed my eyes and just tried to concentrate on relaxing by doing some slow, deep breaths.

While my muscles weren’t sore, I did find myself winding down from my exciting day between the hot water and the salts. My skin felt nicely moisturized by the time I got out, probably from the soybean oil. I like these bath salts.

Would I purchase again?
Yes! The only problem will be deciding if I want to try a new scent or to stick with my favorite Cuddly Blue Poodle.

Product was purchased by me because I know I need to pamper myself more but tend to find it hard to remember to do so.