Daily archives:November 6, 2010 7:03 pm

Independent Spotlight - Meow Cosmetics

November's Independent Spotlight is with the talented Tammy of Meow Cosmetics. How long have you loved makeup? I can tell you exactly. One day in 7th grade I came home from school and my Mum had bought me a whole assortment of makeup for my first school dance which was coming up in a few days. I remember it scattered all over the bathro[...]

B Cocky - A Special Interview with Nymphette

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Nymphette to find out a bit about her and her new company, B Cocky. I know that you chose the name Nymphette based off of your favorite MAC lipglass, how long have you used the name? I actually chose Nymphette because it was my first major makeup purchase =) I was a tomboy all my life and didn't w[...]

Gleam Gold Look

I was excited enough by my swatches of Avon's 24K Gleam Gold Quad to wear them out tonight. I didn't wear the colors in the manner suggested on the quad. Instead, I tried new color placement. I blended out the darkest color, the Golden Chocolate, in the upper crease. While I didn't need to use the Red Plum Gold shade, I ended up using it as an accent along t[...]