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On October 17, 2010 I placed an order with I’ve ordered from them sporadically over the years. I’ve never had anything go horribly wrong. That changed with this order. I ordered what was called Sketcher’s Women’s Addicted.

This is what the Shoe looks like on The link above goes directly to the product.

The shoes in the picture have blue butterflies on the insole, and they have cute little overlay accents.

These were not the shoes I received. The shoes I received had no overlay accents on the top, and the insides were purple vines. They were not what I wanted.

This is a picture of the shoes I received.

This is a picture of the box label.

I called and spoke to their customer service. I spoke to a woman on the phone and I described to her the shoes I received, what the shoes looked like on the website, and the name on the side of the box. The woman on the phone said that ‘sometimes the wrong shoes get put in the right box.’ She said she’d email me a return label and issue me a refund. Because I had paid with PayPal, she said she couldn’t issue me a refund right away. She said I could place another order over the phone to receive the discounted price and free shipping, but I’d have to use a credit card. I complained but I did it anyways.

I printed the return label and mailed the shoes back to The shoes arrived at their location at 7am on Oct. 29. Incidentally, I received my supposed correct shoes on the same day.

Unfortunately, I opened up my shoes and had the same damn shoes! The same WRONG shoes. So I called up and asked for a manager. While I waited on hold for about 10 minutes, I navigated over to and found the shoes that were in the picture that I wanted. Instead of being called Addicted, they’re called Dollface.

Once I got the supervisor on the phone I explained my dissastisfaction with her at having to order a pair of shoes not once, but twice, and that even after I spoke to a CSR to make sure I’d get the right pair of shoes the second time, I still had not. I told her that I went to to find what the style of shoes that I wanted were called and let her know that they were called Dollface. I told her I was hesitant to order from again because how did I know that ANY of their images were correct when their CSR and the website had been incorrect and I’d had to go through ordering twice? She apologized and said someone would look into this issue.

She offered me a gift certificate for for this inconvenience, but as of today, I have not received it.

What I did do was decide to place an order with for the shoes. I looked online and found a 15% off coupon (Code: WW), and got free shipping by signing up for Sketchers VIP club. So I ended up paying the same $44.20 that I’d originally paid on, only this time, I’m hoping I’ll actually get the right shoe and no hassle of two returns.

I’m also STILL waiting for BOTH of my refunds from I don’t think they’ll be getting my business again any time soon.

Edit: This morning, Oct. 31st, 2010 I received an email that stated:

Recently, you requested personal assistance via email. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

Dear Phyrra,
We apologize for the inconvenience that has occurred with your recent purchases with Because we value your patronage, we are giving you a personal one-time-use Gift Certificate for $30 off your next order. The Gift Certificate code is XXXXXXXX. Please note that only one gift certificate code may be used per order. If a remaining balance is due, you’ll need to select an additional payment method before you can submit your order.

Now, to be clear, I didn’t email them for ‘personal assistance.’ I called them on the phone twice, as mentioned in my post above. This makes me wonder if they read my blog post. The email was supposed to list a summary of my email request, and that section of the email was blank.

Man it just keeps going!

So today, Nov. 4, 2010:
I get an email from saying that they had credited the amount of the first pair of shoes to my PayPal account.

I log into PayPal.
I see no credit.

I check the email that sent.
I notice it’s lacking a PayPal Refund ID.

PayPal issues a transaction id for the merchant and a transaction id for the seller for every payment that is processed and those 2 ids do not match. PayPal also issues a refund id for every refund processed.
If a seller refunds a buyer, there is a refund ID to give the buyer so that they can see if the refund will come back to them. didn’t include this refund id.

I sent an email asking:
1. Why did you tell me you credited me back without actually giving me my money back?
2. Why is there no refund id?
3. I’m beyond furious at your company for lying.

I find it ridiculous that they emailed me to say they refunded me when I have yet to receive that refund.

11:35 pm EST – I just received an email from PayPal stating that finally issued my PayPal refund. This means that someone from read the email I sent out earlier and just now actually issued the refund. You get those refund emails from PayPal when you actually send a refund via PayPal. I know this because I’ve done it in PayPal myself at work. Just… wow.

I can’t get over the fact that they sent me an email early this morning saying I’ve been refunded. More than 12 hours later, someone finally logs into PayPal on their end to issue the refund, and only after I send an email complaint.

I wonder how long I’m going to have to wait to get my refund for the 2nd pair of wrong shoes they sent me.