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Meow’s Alien Abduction collection is new for Halloween. The colors are complex and shimmery. They’re really gorgeous. I always love Meow’s Halloween offerings.

Row 1 – Sighting – *Close Encounter – *Mind Control – *Xenophobe
Row 2 – Extraterrestrial – S E T I – Crop Circle – *Abductee
Row 3 – Tissue Sample – Abduction – Implant – *Conspiracy
Row 4 – *Little Green Men – *Contact – Third Kind – Area 51
Row 5 – *Probe – *Gray Matter – UFO – Vivi-section
* denotes colors that really stand out to me

Close encounter – crystal clear purple crocus with iridescent luminous blue undertone
Implant – light bright sage/silver with green iridescence
Abductee – silver sparkly muted thistle
Tissue Sample – medium martian green with silver sparkle and gold iridescence
Conspiracy – bright deep teal with blue iridescent sheen and sparkle
Abduction – alien-tractor-beam glowing acid yellow-green with green iridescent undertone
Extraterrestrial – the most vivid bright royal blue we have ever seen
Little Green Men – sparkly pine green with flashes of green sparkle and iridescence
Mind Control – soft lusty lilac with a blue iridescence undertone
Probe – sparkly sheer silver/gray
UFO – medium sheer true black with silver sheen
Sighting – rosy hued violet shining with raspberry iridescence
S.E.T.I. – golden burnished pewter/bronze
Contact – medium hued ocean teal with green undertone and iridescence
Vivisection – dark cabernet wine with velvety red sheen and sparkle
Third Kind – dark green hued teal with golden iridescence
Radiation Glow – a pale acid yellow green powder that applies a brilliant iridescent yellow / green glow (this is part of the collection but I did not receive it to swatch)

I also received Crop Circle, but it doesn’t seem to be listed on the site.

Samples were sent for consideration by PR.