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Since I touched on the subject of my favorite console and mmo games, I thought I’d also mention some of my favorite animes.

I think the first anime I ever watched was Record of Lodoss War, which some people found quite dry. I loved it. Deedlit was the main character, an elf. Her counterpart was Pirotess, a dark elf. It was based off of RPG sessions.

I played Dungeons & Dragons (whatever version I could get my hands on) from age 10 and up, so I really loved seeing this animated.

One of the next animes that I watched, which I found a great deal of fun, was Devil Hunter Yohko.

Devil Hunter Yohko was very much a Girl Power story (like Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in the sense that Yohko was a powerful teenage girl who was destined to fight demons. Yohko had a sidekick named Azusa and a spirited grandma named Madoka. After seeing this series once, I ended up buying it on VHS so I could watch it over and over again, and I did.

Then I stumbled across El-Hazard and Tenchi Muyo.


El-Hazard: The Magnificent World & The Wanderers were gorgeous. The story is kind of a common one in the sense that people from our world go elsewhere, but El Hazard is so beautiful. Basically 3 students from our world and their teacher get transported to the world of El-Hazard. Of course, they get cool powers when they go to the new world. Makoto falls in love with Ifurita, but how that happens is shown over the series.

Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Muyo is a massive series that I’ve seen in many incarnations, inclusing the OVA. I even have a stuffed Ryo-Ohki. The main character is Tenchi, and his name means Heaven and Earth. He is a prince of Jurai. He constantly has woman vying for his attention, particularly Ryoko and Ayeka. There are so many different versions for this story, while the characters remain quite similar, but it’s very enjoyable. Ryo-Ohki is a cabbit and a space ship, which seems odd but cool. Tenchi can create light-hawk wings, which make him pretty bad ass in combat.

The Slayers

The Slayers is a hilarious anime series based loosely off of Dungeons and Dragons.The main character, Lina Inverse, is a fiery redhead who constantly wants to cast fireballs and burn things up. As an avid D&D player, I really loved watching this series.

RG Veda

RG Veda is a gorgeous anime by the amazing team, Clamp. RG Veda is roughly based off of the Vedic mythology. It’s gorgeous and I remember it being depressing to watch, but too beautiful to look away.

Oh My Goddess!

Oh My Goddess! has a fun story. There are three goddesses, Belldandy, Urd and Skuld. Keiichi Morisato is a college freshman who makes a wish and Belldandy grants it. He wishes that she would stay with her forever, so she agrees. Crazyness ensues when her sisters Urd and Skuld show up. Urd was always my favorite, though she reminded me a bit of Ryoko from Tenchi. Skuld always reminded me of Sasami from Tenchi.


Chobits was a very neat anime and manga, one of the ones that I read both. Basically the main character Hideki finds a persocom he dubs Chi, and it explores his relationship with her, and if people should have relationships with computers that look like people.

The Vision of Escaflowne

Escaflowne was a beautiful story about a girl named Hitomi who went to another planet and fell in love with a guy named Van.

Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu was not only a gorgeous anime, but a manga that I read for sevearl years. It’s considered a horror series, but I always found it beautiful and sad. That’s probably because I’ve only seen the OVA and read the manga, and never could get ahold of the tv series. I loved that while Miyu did indeed need blood, she wasn’t bothered by traditional vampire weaknesses, such as sunlight, holy water, crosses, etc. Loved the series a ton. I loved the relationship between Miyu and Larva.

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland was a wonderful cute series by Clamp about Wonderland. Yes, there’s a cheshire cat. Everything is cute and fun. I actually ran a White Wolf campaign through this world once. This anime was a bit on the erotic side, but really funny about it all.


Hellsing was an interesting series that was originally a manga and got turned into an anime. It always made me think of Castlevania with the character Alucard. There’s a holy order of Protestant Knights that were led by Van Helsing, and currently led by Sir Integra Hellsing. Hellsing is protected by Alucard, a powerful vampire. During the beginning of the anime, Seras Victoria (a police woman) was mortally wounded on a mission and Alucard offers to save her, so she becomes his fledgling. It’s a cool story.

What are some of your favorites?