Glamour Doll Eyes – Phyrra Tower Giveaway

Thanks to the lovely Vee at Glamour Doll Eyes (my affiliate link to their site), I have a Phyrra Tower to give away! Phyrra Tower Colors Angel Wings – a very pearly white with a hint of purple sparkle Phyrra – hot pink with aqua sparkles Tattooed – a blend of matte and shimmer, bright [...]

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Recent Mails

I received some fun packages recently. […]

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Office Chic

I put together Monday’s look in mind with the idea of being Office Chic. To me this means looking good for a normal office, since not everyone has the luxury of wearing crazy makeup and blue hair at work. I probably could have used more definition at my outer lid and outer crease, but I was going for very subtle and I think this does accomplish that. I chose a lovely taupe shade, Lolita, for the majority of the look. I also used Sellout as a skintone type shade to provide a more subtle looking crease color. Since it’s darker than my skintone I like how it worked. Incidentally I also love the finish on Sellout. I chose Hot Tahiti for my lips since it’s a glaze finish and I like the soft color it gives. I almost grabbed Sweet Thing, which is a magenta in the same finish, but I decided that Hot Tahiti would go better for this look. I applied my blush with an angled fiber optic blush brush to hopefully have it look more natural. […]

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Sunday Blues with Fyrinnae

I wanted to play around with Fyrinnae’s Sleepy Hollow since it very closely matches my hair and this is the look I came up with. I paired it with Rapunzel Had Extensions for an unusual effect. I also used Damn Paladins on the upper crease/lower browbone area to try for different color placement and more depth for my look. I really like how this turned out. I did a very layered lip look that gave my lips some awesome depth and shimmer but it was very hard to capture on camera. […]

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Orly Lunar Eclipse Mix

Recently I painted my nails with Orly’s Lunar Eclipse. Lunary Eclipse is described as Blue with pink purple fx. To my eyes it looks like a rich blue with purple duochrome. So I decided to put a coat of Misa Fatal Affair under Lunar Eclipse, which amped up the duochrome effect. I’ve not yet figured out how to properly adjust my camera to show the purple, because it’s more purple in real life than in this image. […]

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Interview by the Beauty Blog Network

Recently I was interviewed by Elke, the head of the Beauty Blog Network. Check out the interview here!

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