Beauty Blogs Backstage – Interview with LiAnn!

For this months’ Beauty Blogs Backstage, I got to interview the very talented LiAnn of SparkleCrack Central. She’s got an amazing database of colors with lots of in-depth reviews on each one. You can read my interview questions to her and her answers below. 1. What are your favorite games to play? (console, pc, tabletop rpg, etc) I’m a tabletop gal all the way. (And how many Google hits will that bring your blog, hm?) Online gaming can be great, because you don’t have the hassle of “do we have a good GM for this session or not”, and mechanics are really minimized; but I do like seeing the other players face to face, our pre-game dinners, and even the worldbuilding. (I can build worlds. I just suck at making them move.) Plus, there’s no monthly fee, and you control the ads…or lack thereof. Special bonus: power goes out, the whole grid’s down, and you can’t even get a wireless signal off some satellite? No problem!! Get a dozen or so pillar candles, it’s “ambiance”!! […]