Daily archives:September 15, 2010 9:32 pm

Bonus Look - Aftermath

I saw a beautiful look from Nars Fashion Week over at Aileen's blog, the Shades of U. It inspired me to play around with a similar look. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out very well. Regardless, I had fun doing this look. I like getting inspired! Eyes: UDPP Eden Overall Beauty Aftermath - lid and lower lash li[...]

Reader Request - Bronze Look

This look is from a Reader Request. One of my lovely readers asked for a look for a wedding that would go with a maroon dress, so this is the eye look I came up with. I absolutely love Half-Baked and really should use it more often. Every time I wear the color I feel like it looks elegant. I used SMH's Dominatrix with it, which is a brownish-burgundy shade w[...]